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Feminist TV Club: Commander in Chief

By Sophierae @SophieOnFire

By Becka Wall

Feminist TV Club: Commander in Chief

Books are great, but they sure are time-consuming. And when you belong to a book club, there’s a certain anxiety that comes with finishing the book in time and reading carefully – where’s the fun in that?

You know what’s more fun? Watching TV. You know what’s even more fun than that? Talking about feminism in TV shows with fellow young feminists!

Which is why I (Becka) am starting a Feminist TV Club. You watch one episode of a certain TV show a week (20-45 minutes), and we’ll discuss it in the comments of a blog posting on my blog.

The Details:

-   First TV Show: Commander in Chief (2005-2006, starring Geena Davis) Available on Netflix Instant or on Sidereel. Starting with Season 1, Episode 1.

-   The blog post summarizing/discussing the episodes will go up Every Monday starting August 8 2011 on Becka Tells All.

-   Any and all suggestions are welcome! Please shoot me an e-mail at: [email protected] to talk about potential TV shows to use (they can be a whole series, an episode, or one season of a long-running TV show that deals with a particular issue), how to structure this endeavor, or general tips to improve awesomeness.

See you on Monday!

Becka also writes for her own blog, Becka Tells All

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