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Feminist Dilemma: An Addiction To It Girl

Posted on the 29 June 2011 by Juliez
It Girl: The Facebook Game

It Girl: The Facebook Game

I’m a feminist and as such I try to make conscious decisions in my daily life that uphold feminist ideals. But then came It Girl. It Girl is a facebook game centered around fashion, partying, and dating. It is one of the few MMO-esque games marketed exclusively to women. The game is simple, create an avatar, buy clothes, go to parties, compete against other users. Yes, you compete against other users in “showdowns” where you can earn money and fame. You level up by shaming other girls with your fashion skills.

This game represents everything that I stand against. It Girl emphasizes style over substance. It Girl tells you that you can improve your reputation through the newest clothes or hottest boyfriends. Worst of all it pits you against other players who are not NPCs but actual people, other women somewhere out the real world.

So why can’t I stop playing?

I was introduced to It Girl a few months ago by a sorority sister. In the game I have a “clique” entirely made up of fellow students from my university. We’re on it everyday meeting each other’s in game boyfriends, giving each other confidence boosts to beat some other girl at a party. We’re addicted.

So why is this game so appealing? Is it that it’s an MMO similar to the Sims? Is it that cute clothes and cartoons are fun? Or is there some greater latent desire to challenge other women, to prove our femininity? Help me Internet, you’re my only hope. Why can’t I stop playing this game that stands for everything that I hate?

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