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Feminism - Just A Request For Equal Rights

Posted on the 09 September 2013 by Jobsanger
Feminism - Just A Request For Equal Rights Feminism has been viciously attacked throughout this country's history by those who want to preserve the patriarchy (male control of society, religion, and politics). And those advocating equal rights for women have been accused of hating men or trying to give "special" rights to women -- from the earliest efforts to give women the right to own property to the fight to give them the right to vote to the modern battles to give them equal pay, equal opportunities, and the right to control their own bodies (a right enjoyed by men).
No feminist has ever asked for more rights than men have, or for special rights. They just want equal rights -- and how can any American who believes in the Constitution oppose that? Personally, I find it shameful that in the 21st Century, and in a country that claims to believe in democracy and equality, so many people should still think men should be superior to women. Equality must include everyone (including both sexes -- and people of all ages, races, ethnicities, and sexual preferences) or it is meaningless.
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