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Feminism Goes Insane

Posted on the 26 September 2013 by Charlescrawford @charlescrawford

This is a grim article to read, showing as it does how the more exotic parts of modern feminism have plunged deep into the worst sorts of coercion and stupid thought control that echo what goes on in North Korea.

Thus on one Canadian university campus - a space supposedly intended to support intelligent intellectual enquiry and openness of mind, and where university events are said to be open to all - even to suggest there may be such a thing as Men's Issues is heresy that needs suppressing using openly crude and oppressive techniques:

Suppose, though, you have a daughter who is a maverick and she wishes to start a club that incorporates a compassion for men. At Ryerson University in Toronto, two women applied to start a student group sensitive to men's as well as women's issues. The Ryerson Student Union's Board of Directors immediately passed a pre-emptive resolution that any group examining gender that was inclusive of "the concept of misandry" would be considered as "negating the need to center women's voices in the struggle for gender equity"...and therefore prohibited from the campus.

As is often case at colleges these days, there was no discussion, no debate and no input by the people trying to launch the club. The primary advocate of the ban was Marwa Hamad, a faculty member at Ryerson, and (ironically) Vice-President of Equity at the school..

The University of Toronto Student Union responded to the cumulative stimuli with a "Townhall on Sexism." First red flag: not a single representative of any group with a male-positive perspective was invited to speak. To the contrary, the only invited speaker, Danielle Sandhu, former president of the University of Toronto Student Union, immediately supported an audience member who said, "we know there are infiltrators..."they should just leave, I could point fingers....""

The search was on to identify and root our dissenters. Audience members shouted, "point them out" and "make them uncomfortable." A representative of the Ontario Public Interest Research Group) suggested a militant approach--"making this campus inhospitable to these people" by finding out "where they live." Intimidated, two representatives from a men's group left, though the event was paid for by student fees and was supposed to be open to all.

It is startling to imagine what happens to our to society as young women (or even men) steeped in this lumpen cultish fascistic/socialist drivel start their own long march through our institutions.

If there is one thing gained by the fact that our own students are expected to take out loans to pay for Uni, it is the prospect of these horrendous tendencies withering over time because the people in them and who study them are more or less unemployable in any competitive enterprise. But as that process unfolds, the systemic damage being done to our academic culture grows and grows.

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