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Female Kindergarten Teachers Are a New Invention

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
looks like Rav Shmuel Auerbach is making changes to the extreme, and not just regarding appearing before the IDF draft board.
female kindergarten teachers are a new inventionRav Auerbach instructed a boys school under his authority to relieve all female nursery school teachers (ganenet/ganenot) from their duties and replace them with male rebbes instead.
The surprised parents complained to the principal who went back to Rav Auerbach for clarification. He asked Rav Auerbach to clarify as the situation is one of very young children, even prior to learning "aleph beis" and it not being a situation of women teaching torah but just relating stories form the parsha, and the women are God-fearing..
Rav Auerbach answered definitively that they must be replaced with male rebbes as having female teachers for boys is a new reality that was never before acceptable and the influence even at such a tender young age is immeasurable.
It is a matter of hashkafa and not specific to this or that teacher, as fine as they might be.
source: Haredim10
I would hope his girl schools do not have male principals or teachers, as the influence of inter-gender teaching and  mingling goes both ways...
(as an aside, I would like to see his history books to see what else is considered new and never before acceptable)
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