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Female Gamers: An Introduction

Posted on the 16 May 2012 by Xboxbetty @MBethke26
Who knew? There is such a thing as a female gamer. 
There are female gamers just as there are female athletes, mechanics, and  soldiers. Holy s*@%.
Clearly we're all aware that girls play video games (I certainly hope so). And guess what a lot of them are pretty damn good. I'm not going to be the judge of my own gameplay but sometimes I'm pretty kick a** (Other times, not so much).
This is not going to be a discussion about male gamers degrading female gamers. It's not going to be a rant about how much "girl gamers," rock. Instead I'm just going to be honest. Overall I'm going to try to stay positive; expressing my experience and thoughts on how others view female gamers.
More to come and...
Game on!
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