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Felted Soap – Organic Greek Olive Soap – Custom Made

By Litoshandmadecreations
Felted Soap – organic Greek olive soap – Custom Made

Felted Soap – organic Greek olive soap – Custom MadeBUY IT NOW - ARTFIRE LINK 

These beautiful colorful soaps are made from pure organic Greek olive soaps wrapped in multiple layers of wool, felted until they adhere to the surface of the soap in one solid piece. They serve as scrubbies or loofah, gently exfoliating your skin, scrubbing away any dead cells and leaving your skin silky smooth. Simply hold the soap under running water and gently rub it. It will begin to create foam coming right through the wool. When you are not using it, don’t let it sit on standing water. This way it will become very soft and mushy and difficult to use. So it’s better to let it sit on a vented soap dish. The wool cover shrinks as you use your soap, protecting it and allowing it to last longer than ordinary soaps. They can also simply decorate your bathroom or bedroom. A unique gift for yourself or your loved ones!
These soaps are custom made. Don't hesitate to contact me and choose any color combination. I have available almost any color of roving. Please allow 3-4 days before shipment depending on my workload. Dimensions: approximately 7cm X 5cm X 4cm

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