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Felix Martin - The Scenic Album

Posted on the 06 November 2013 by Ripplemusic
Felix Martin - The Scenic Album
   Once in a while an innovator in the guitar world comes around. Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Randy Rhoads, etc. come to mind. Felix martin is one of those players and more. This album is saturated with his infectious over the top and unique 14 string playing. There are tinges and hints of almost every genre. Jazz metal fusion, proto instrumental guitar quantum physics. Whatever the label there is only one word: unbelievable!

 Simply put: This is one phenomenal musician and player. The kind of guitarist who leaves you drained after hearing his Superior prowess on the strings. an electric wizard of the finest caliber. Fans of guitar orientated instrumental music will rejoice at hearing this sonic masterpiece.

   Mr. Martin is a true original and a true innovator in his field. Songs from that album that really stood out for me include, Spam2, High Spirit, 2 AM. Excellent songs but by far my favorite track for obvious reasons is, " Viroliano Tries Metal". The creation contained within this epic assault is truly inspired.

   Here we have three of the finest and well tuned musicians I have heard in a long while. Mr. Martin has created a custom 14 string guitar himself. It is an awesome spectacle to witness. Get this album now. Nathan Navarro on bass and drummer  Marco Minnemann complete this perfect, power trio. A fantastic journey into the genius that is Felix Martin. This album and performance from a guitarist viewpoint left my jaw on the floor.

10 horns up


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