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Felix Gray Computer Eyewear Combats Eye Strain in Style

By Trendytechie @theTrendyTechie

Hi, my name is Sage, and I’m a screen addict. *cue a room full of geeks and techies, “Hi Sage.”*

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re a screen addict too. In fact, I’m triple-screening right now: writing this post on my laptop, referencing articles I saved on my phone, and watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens on the seat-back screen in front of me (did I mention I’m on a plane?). Whether we like it or not, screens are an integral part of our lives.


When I heard about Felix Gray, a new high-end eyewear brand designed to protect the wearer from screen-related eye strain, I knew I needed to try them out. Since I started working in tech, I feel a big difference in my eye health. It’s a weird feeling; it’s not that my eyes are blurry or having trouble focusing, but they start to hurt in different ways than they used to and affect my overall feeling of mental alertness and focus. When I have a busy day in front of screens I experience dryness, soreness, and even trouble falling asleep.

A survey by the Vision Council polled more than 10,000 adults found that 65% of Americans experience digital eye strain, and that using multiple screens at once actually increases the effects of digital eye strain. Further, our screens emit blue light, a high-energy light that is similar to ultraviolet light. According to optometrist and medical advisor Justin Bazan, that light “has been known to cause damage on the cells of the eyes for years now.” (TIME)


With Felix Gray I am embarking on an eye health investigation. Felix Gray glasses feature a blue light filter and a +0.25 magnification to lessen the eye strain caused by our screens. I’ve been wearing these glasses (in Nash style) for about a week now and feel immediate relief when I put them on. Since eye health is an ongoing issue, I will be integrating these glasses into daily use and track how they feel over time. Keep updated on Twitter and Instagram by following @theTrendyTechie and @felixgrays:

Instagram: @theTrendyTechie @felixgrays

Twitter: @theTrendyTechie @felixgrays

And to those of you in the US, stay tuned for an exciting giveaway in May when you can win your own pair of Felix Gray glasses in the Nash style!


glasses c/o Felix Gray Eyewear. Shown here in Nash style

. . . . . . .


Felix Gray Computer Eyewear Combats Eye Strain in Style
Felix Gray Computer Eyewear Combats Eye Strain in Style
Felix Gray Computer Eyewear Combats Eye Strain in Style
Felix Gray Computer Eyewear Combats Eye Strain in Style

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