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Feeling Fresh with Jomingo

By Chaayen
Feeling fresh with Jomingo
If life has taught me anything, it seems that as I age, I try to be more environmentally conscious and I seem to gear towards natural products. I came across Jomingo (a local brand) and wanted to share with you guys about this natural deodorant that keep your underarm fresh and stench-free.
To share a bit more, this is actually the first time I am using an organic deodorant. For green friends, you would be happy to know that all ingredients used are natural and ethically sourced. The packaging is also biodegradable. Comparatively, the product may seem a bit more premative. You merely press the side to push the product up (it doesn't have the twist and turn system like our lipsticks) but it doesn't affect the experience.
Feeling fresh with Jomingo
We reviewed both the Grapefruit and Lisea Cubea scent from Jomingo. If you really love a grapefruit, you will be pleased to know that the grapefruit deodorant smells like the actual fruit. Lisea Cubea is made out of a mixture of aroma scents. Although the ingredients are not specifically listed, I can smell the lemongrass in it. Good for outdoor activities to keep the mosquitoes at bay. 
Generally, I find the deodorants sticks quite easy to use. You merely have to swipe it twice under your armpit and you are good to go. The application is not every even and you may need to flick away the bigger pieces but I don't really find it much of a turn-off. It doesn't keep your pit totally dry, but even when I sweat, I still feel fresh and smells good <3 Honestly, I don't see myself going back to chemical products, given that the organic products work well for me. I am sure some of you may have more questions, so feel free to send them over :D

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