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Feeble Arguments for Staying in the EU.

Posted on the 19 January 2016 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

From yesterday's Evening Standard:
Millions of pounds could be cut from flagship London projects if Britain leaves the EU, campaigners claim. They published a leaflet, to be distributed to households across the capital, rejecting six “myths”, including that “the EU has done nothing for London”.
It states: “The EU has invested millions in important projects in London, including cultural programmes at the British Museum, £20 million funding for the cable car from the O2 to the Docklands, vital HIV and cancer research projects at London universities, and £1 billion of finance to help build Crossrail.” The European Investment Bank loaned Transport for London £1 billion towards the financing of the new rail line.

Culutural programmes - probably a waste of money.
Cable car - great fun but a waste of money.
Vital HIV and cancer research - good stuff, but isn't this being done anyway?
Crossrail - that was a low interest loan, the value of the interest saving is probably close to zero.
The article then makes the obvious point:
However, the document from Britain Stronger in Europe does not mention the billions the UK ploughs into the EU each year.

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