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Feds Seize 46 Domain Names To Celebrate Independence Day

Posted on the 05 July 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

It appears some agency of the Federal Government  seized 46 domain names, all using servers at yesterday, on Independence Day in the United States.

So far I haven’t see any official announcement of the seizures, nor the agency that sent the order out or the basis for the seizure

However all 46 domain names are now on, a volunteer organization dedicated to combating global computer crime.

The last time a bunch of domain names were moved to was in late May due to the seizure of domains connected to the  Liberty Reserve criminal indictments.

In that case those domain names were seized by U.S. Treasury Dept., U.S. Secret Service, and the DHS.;

As of now all the resolve to a blank page so it may not be until later today or tomorrow that we see what agency has seized the domain names.

This group of domain names were all registered on the same day July 17, 2012 and would have expired in just two weeks on July 17, 2013, which of course raises the obvious question of why would the government go through the time and expense of domains that would have expired and go to a placeholder in a couple of weeks?

Here is a list of the 46 domain names seized:


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