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February Lessons

By Winyeemichelle

Farewell February, you will not be missed. ‘Sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better.’
All hail my favorite fictional heroine Blair Waldorf and real-life reality princess Lauren Conrad for getting it SPOT ON once again. I had a couple of setbacks this February, unexpectedly and kinda all consuming amidst actually feeling like I’d got myself on track at last.
In an age where women can have it all and apparently should want it all, I toppled slightly from where I was. Yes, you can have a sparkly career, even sparklier friends, the best family and a glittering social life and enjoy luxurious me-time. But in a tough lesson, I also learnt that in doing so, I shouldn’t be so cynical, hot-headed and stubbornly independent. Words that I would never associate with myself but somehow all feel (felt?) apt.
So don’t be so cynical, Mish. They fuss because they care. They’re not all like the others; they’re not out to get you or drag you down. Once in a while – maybe more – believe in your instincts and wholeheartedly believe in the good of others. Honestly, no-one knows you better than you know yourself. Trust is a virtue, in fact. It’ll take a while to build any concept of that again, but do so. If someone gives you their time, be certain to give them yours. There’s plenty of time to play, work, self-promote and improve, but moments are certainly fleeting.
Geez. That sounded less weird and oddly epic in my head. Honey life is just a classroom.
Here’s to a better month in March (a.k.a. my birthday month)!
Disclaimer: I'm fine btw, please don't worry about me.

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