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February Disability News and Blog Post Round-Up

By Emily @emily_ladau

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Can you believe it’s the end of February? I feel like I was ringing in the New Year with my family just yesterday! And now it’s already round-up time again! Despite the fact that February is the shortest month, it was packed full of great blog posts and articles about disability. I managed to narrow down the list to six pieces that struck a chord with me and I’m excited to share them all with you! Check out the list below, and if you’re looking for more great reads, then also have a look at previous round-ups!

February Disability News and Blog Post Round-up

Disability News

  • ‘Serial Plaintiffs’ Do Battle With Small Businesses Over ADA – This post addresses such a tricky issue. While I wish that every business would take it upon themselves to make their locations accessibly by ADA standards, I really don’t think that suing every business on a block is the right way to make that happen. That being said, nothing motivates a person to follow the law quite as much as actually being confronted by the law. Where is the middle ground to make business owners understand that it’s easier to make their storefronts accessible rather than incur legal fees?
  • Wheelchairs of Hope, from Israel with Love – My uncle shared this article with me and I think the Wheelchairs of Hope initiative is a seriously awesome use of plastic. While I’m not sure if the wheelchair that’s pictured looks particularly comfortable or supportive, I do love the idea of referring to it as “a chair, not a medical device.” If you use a wheelchair, would you use this new chair from Keter as an alternative?
  • Sex and disability: yes, the two can and should go together – I strongly believe that sex and disability needs to be discussed more openly because it’s still far too taboo. Since it’s 2014, this should go without saying already, but disabled people are human. We have needs. And just like so many other people, sex is one of them.

Disability Blog Posts

  • Dear Disabled Person, We’re Sorry but You’re a Real Inconvenience, Signed, (Insert Conference Name Here) – It absolutely drives me up the wall when public events aren’t accessible, so I thought this post raised an important point. My only question is: by not showing up to an event in protest, does that effectively send the message that organizers need to make events accessible, or does it simply have an “out of sight, out of mind” effect?
  • It Was Very Good: Judaism and Disability Rights – Regardless of your religion, or even if you’re not religious, I think this post is worth reading. It’s a lovely demonstration of how we should use our beliefs for good – no matter what they are – and for putting an end to ableism.
  • My Son’s Disability Defines Him (and why I’m okay with that) – This post has been making its way around the Internet, and I think it’s for a good reason. So many people cast disability aside, as if denying it is even part of a person. But disability makes up so much of who I am, and I love the perspective shared in this blog by a mother who wants her son to own his disability as a part of who he is.

Did I miss anything you think I should have shared in this round-up? Let me know! I love new reading material!

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