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Features of the Master’s Dissertation and Its Difference from the PhD

Posted on the 23 March 2019 by Jyoti92 @Jyoti_Chauhan1

A dissertation is a research paper that you have to write as a part of your master’s course. There are some differences between a master’s thesis and a Ph.D. thesis. Are many students willing to receive higher education ask: what is a master’s thesis? What is a Ph.D. thesis dissertation?

Dissertation writing is a lengthy process, and that is why many students contact a custom dissertation writing service to get the job done. These online writing services have professional writers who are experienced in different fields. In this post, we will try to answer these questions. Read on to know more about the master’s dissertation and its difference from a Ph.D. thesis.

Elements in a dissertation

It is important to notice that there is no set standard format for writing a dissertation, but a paper should include some general elements. Many students are super busy with other activities, and they do not have enough time to focus on their academic papers. These students often take custom dissertation writing help from different professional writing services.  Typically, a dissertation should have five chapters. To make sure that each chapter meets academic standards, you have to include vital elements in each chapter.

Title and abstract

There should be a title and abstract at the beginning of your dissertation. You should use your keywords and phrases in the title page. In this part, you should clearly state what you are going to say in the paper. You should also describe the scope of your work. In other words, you have to summaries your study in this part. This part should also include background for your study, a list of methods, research hypothesis, and a conclusion.

Review of literature

This is, in fact, an analysis of a work you have studied. This section features a discussion of the topics and the methodology of studies you have conducted previously. What have you learned from the review? Your points should be highlighted. What are the questions that are usually asked about the topic? They should be stated. In this section, you also have to clearly explain the purpose and relevance of the paper.


In your dissertation, the design and processes of your research should be described in detail. You have to explain the process of your data collection. Show clear reasons for that choice. You should use this chapter as a roadmap to the dissertation. All these things require time and patience. Online dissertation writing services make the process easier for students who are struggling with their papers.

Some of your readers may be interested in repeating your study. Make it easy for them to follow your methods. A data analysis method should also be included in this section. It should describe how you organize your data.


The outcome of your research is featured in this section. The data you have collected should be presented in the information. You have to organize this section by presenting your data. Once you have presented your data, you should outline your findings.

Interpretation and recommendations

In your results, you establish the information, and it makes it easy for you to draw conclusions. You also have to make recommendations in this section. This is one of the main elements of your paper. In this section, your entire study is summarized, and your conclusions are presented. The real-world applications of your findings should also be presented in this section.

How is a master’s dissertation different from a Ph.D. thesis?

If you are a student and you are planning to receive higher education, you will have to write a thesis or a dissertation. You will find the program requirements on the website of your institution. In the United States, almost all graduate level programs require writing a thesis or dissertation. But their interpretations vary from school to school. A student’s level of merit is represented in a paper. Now we will show you the differences between a dissertation and a thesis.

Length and structure

The length and structure of a thesis or dissertation are not the same in all programs. But in most cases, a thesis is shorter than a dissertation. Students have to complete their theses in one semester, and they usually do not take any other course during the time. Many students are scared of the length of dissertations, and they use custom dissertation writing services. Professional writers write papers for those students.

A student doing a doctoral course may take multiple years to complete research. You need time to write and edit a research document that comprises 400 pages.

In some institutions, a dissertation may refer to the entire course of study of a doctoral candidate. The field of study determines the length and structure of the paper. Students with science majors usually write less, and students in liberal arts write longer papers.

Research content

Schools may use the terms thesis and dissertation differently, but the purpose of the projects is the same. Doctoral dissertations and master’s level theses require extensive research because the purpose of these papers is to prove that students have really learned something. To write a thesis, you need less external research, because a thesis reflects your own ideas. You are supposed to draw your own conclusions. Many students do not want to go into any of these, and they just contact a custom dissertation writing service. On the other hand, you may take several years to complete a dissertation, because a dissertation requires you to use a lot of external sources.

Another purpose of these papers is to show that students have the knowledge to defend the work. That is why these projects include an oral defense. At the end of the project, faculty members ask students questions, and students have to answer those questions. A student may take several hours to defend his or her dissertation, but a thesis defense may not take more than an hour.

Understanding Context

When it comes to writing research projects, it is important to note cultural differences. In the United States, a student’s ideas are reflected in a thesis. These ideas are supported by relevant research. On the other hand, this term is understood in a different way in Europe. A student has to perform original research to complete a doctoral thesis. A post-graduate research project involves several activities and writing a paper is just a part of the project. That is why you should clarify the definition of the term when you attend a school in Europe.

In the United States, there are some master’s level programs that do not require working on a thesis. But writing a dissertation is necessary for any doctoral program. In these programs, students are often forced to develop analytical skills. They are also encouraged to put these skills into action. When you choose a graduate program, you should ask the research faculty how your dissertation is supposed to be different from a thesis.

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