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Featured Article: Wet Versus Dry Food

By Azanimals @azanimals
Ginger We all want to give our furry best friends the best we possibly can, and it is important to do so if we want them to be around as long as possible! Decisions like choosing what food to give your pet may seem easy at first, but with so much choice it can be harder than you think. Not only is the decision of what brand is best but the type of food you are going to give your pet can be a tough choice!

It is often debated in the pet food industry whether wet or dry food is better for your pets, especially when it comes to feeding dogs and cats. We are going to look at the benefits of dry pet food, and specifically looking at the products from the popular brand, Iams.

Bernese Mountain-Dog
Iams cat food comes in a wide range of dry varieties tailored to your cats needs in each stage of their lives. The same goes for Iams dog food. Their website offers a lot of advice on what one of their products is best for your animal. Dry food is said to be nutritionally better for pets because the more moisture there is in the food the more an animal must consume to obtain the protein, fat and other essential nutrients their bodies require.

As with a lot of things in life making the most of your money is high on the priorities list. The benefit with dry pet food is that waste is kept to a minimum. You can simply add more if your dog is still hungry, whereas with wet food pouches food can be left over and will have to be thrown away!

Every pet is different so it is really what works well for your situation, hopefully this has given you an insight into the benefits of dry food.

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