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Featured Animal: Himalayan

By Azanimals @azanimals
Himalayan The Himalayan cat (also known as the colourpoint Persian) is a mix-bred cat originally bred from the Siamese cat and the Persian cat. The Siamese was used for the fur markings and the Persian cat for their long fur and pretty features.

Himalayan The modern Himalayan cat shares the characteristics of both of its ancestors, but the Himalayan cat is one of the longest-haired cats in the world meaning they must be brushed regularly to prevent the Himalayan's fur from knotting.

The Himalayan cat is sweet natured and loves human attention. The Siamese cat traits in the Himalayan cat make it more active than the Persian cat but more affectionate than a Siamese cat.

Today, the Himalayan cat is one of the most popular breeds of domestic cat and is found in households all around the world. Himalayan cats do however require a lot of attention, as their long fur must be maintained and they must be kept amused.

Due to the rounded body shape and short legs which the Himalayan cat inherited from the Persian cat, the Himalayan is generally less active than other domestic cat breeds, and their build also tends to inhibit their jumping abilities.

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