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Featured Abstract Artist Stephanie Visser

By Abstractartbylt @artbylt

I am drawn to the subtleties in the paintings by California abstract artist, Stephanie Visser.  They seem to be about light, color and texture more than form or composition, though some of her pieces do make bold compositional statements.

  #4 in Mystery Series, 20" x 24" mixed media by Stephanie Visser.

The piece above was part of a series she did to explore the issues of "spirituality, transformation and acceptance, in the wake of the death of both of her parents."  I find this particular piece to be disturbing and powerful. 

  "Lay Lines #4" mixed media triptych by Stephanie Visser.
Stephanie builds her images with layers of translucent color washes, scumbled paint, markings and collage elements.  These bits and pieces of cast off materials enrich the surfaces, adding a three-dimensional quality to the work.

  "Lay Lines" #8, mixed media by Stephanie Visser.

I love the contrasting brilliant blue against the deep reds in the above painting. It creates a stark landscape effect, but a landscape from some other world.

Stephanie has a BFA from the Kendall College of Art and Design. She has had solo shows at the TAG Gallery in Santa Monica, California, and has exhibited elsewhere in California, New York, and Michigan. 


  "Black and White #16" mixed media by Stephanie Visser.

I find the above black and white piece particulary strong, with a great sense of depth.

Be sure to see more of Stephanie's art by checking out her art website.  


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