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Fear of Childbirth

By Newsanchormom

Fear of Childbirth
If you have a true fear of childbirth, there is no shame in getting counseling prior to the delivery. I truly think more women should be told this. I have had a c-section and two vaginal deliveries. The surgery was definitely worse! I would hate to think someone opted for it because they were scared of childbirth. It is such a wonderful and emotional experience!
FROM NBC: Women who have an intense fear of childbirth are more likely to have a c-section -- even after psychological counseling. Swedish researchers analyzed delivery records of over 350 women who were referred to a psychosocial OB/GYN unit for their fear of childbirth. They found these women had a higher number of emergency and elective c-sections as well as induced deliveries than their peers with no fear of childbirth. Experts say to avoid traumatic deliveries, doctors should provide psychological treatment for these women early on in their pregnancies.
-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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By  Gailblake
posted on 13 October at 08:23
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