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FAX.PLUS Review 2022 Features & Pricing: Is It the Best Online Fax Service?

Posted on the 01 December 2022 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

Are you looking for a secure, reliable, and budget-friendly faxing solution for your business? If yes, then in this post we will give you a quick review of one of the finest and most secure online faxing tools available in the market right now, known as "FAX.PLUS".

So, without wasting much time with the introduction, let's jump into the matter that matters!


FAX.PLUS Review 2022 Features & Pricing: Is it the Best Online Fax Service?

FAX.PLUS is an online faxing solution developed by Alohi, to cater to businesses of all sizes, including large corporations, SMEs, and even individuals. This tool is a reliable and highly secure online solution that complies with ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC II Type II, and even GDPR norms.

Features & Functions

FAX.PLUS Review 2022 Features & Pricing: Is it the Best Online Fax Service?

FAX.PLUS is one of the most feature-rich online fax services in its niche, one that caters to all kinds of users and businesses, be it small, medium, or large-scale. Here are some of the key features and functionalities offered by FAX.PLUS.

Supports Multiple Platforms

All of your data is seamlessly synced across all of your devices when using the FAX.PLUS application, which is available on a variety of platforms including the Web, iOS, and Android. FAX.PLUS delivers regular updates in an effort to give the best service possible.

Integrate With Your Favorite Apps & Software

Your existing tools, like Slack, Microsoft Word, Google Workspace, and others, are integrated with FAX.PLUS. By using Zapier integration or the email-to-fax feature, users can integrate FAX.PLUS with thousands of other enterprise software programs.

Security That You Can Trust

FAX.PLUS security measures include hardware-level security, HIPAA compliance, two-factor authentication, application security testing, WAF, and data encryption in transit and at rest. The FAX.PLUS Security Overview Page has more information on their extensive security measures.

Extremely Reliable

Since telecommunications lines have a significant impact on fax transmission success rates, FAX.PLUS resends any unsuccessful faxes at no additional cost to you in an effort to increase success rates.

Worldwide Coverage

Buy a number from one of 48 countries to receive faxes online and send faxes to more than 180 different nations. Users may also port their current fax number into the FAX.PLUS platform to use and take advantage of all the features of the top-of-the-line online fax service.

Enterprise Ready

The Advanced Admin Panel lets you manage all of your fax numbers and add team members to your account. Utilize all of their wonderful features including High-Volume Faxing with Business and Enterprise Plans. Visit the FAX.PLUS Enterprise Solutions Page to learn more.

Optimize Documents

With FAX.PLUS, your documents can be processed by their image processing servers and then optimized for fax transmission if you choose to do so. This will produce a fax with significantly higher quality and a shorter transmission time.

What More Can You Do With FAX.PLUS?

FAX.PLUS is more than just a cloud-based online fax service, and does more than what you see in its name. It was developed keeping user experience in mind, offering data residency, contact blacklisting, and more, to ensure excellent security and performance.

Fax Advanced Confirmation Report

Advanced Fax Confirmation Report includes a thumbnail of the first page of a fax with information about the outgoing status and a QR code that can be used to further verify the report by going back to FAX.PLUS. This cutting-edge report is the perfect record for legal compliance.

Phonebook & Spam Blacklist

Save the fax numbers for your frequently used destinations, even if there are several. Additionally, under the "Contacts" tab, you can see the destination numbers for your recent faxes to quickly find your most used numbers. If you're sick of spam, you can use the Blacklist feature to block incoming faxes from a specific source or a caller ID that you don't recognize.

Schedule Your Fax

Scheduled faxes can be sent at a specified time and date. When delivery time is crucial, and you want your fax to be sent and received at a specific time in the future, you should use the scheduling feature for outgoing faxes.

Send Fax to Telefax Machines

When sending a fax, if you enable the Human Operated Telefax feature, the person at your destination will hear a prerecorded message saying, "This is a fax call. To receive, please press start". If you are traveling abroad, this message can be played in various languages.

Fax Thumbnail

In your "Faxes" tab, you can find that all sent and received faxes have a tiny thumbnail in your inbox. You won't have to spend as much time searching through a crowded archive to find the fax you need.

Data Residency

Data Residency for FAX.PLUS enables you to comply with all your data compliance requirements. Without experiencing any service interruptions, you can move your fully encrypted faxed documents between data centers spread across various locations, allowing you to satisfy regional and national data privacy and residency requirements.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Compliance and security risks of organizations are reduced with this feature, which also makes logins easier with more control over user authentication. Any Identity Provider (IdP) that supports SAML 2.0, such as Okta, OneLogin, Azure AD, and JumpCloud, is compatible with FAX.PLUS SSO.

Setting Up FAX.PLUS

FAX.PLUS registration is rather easy to complete. After creating an account, you then choose between a randomly allocated number (free), or a bespoke number ($19.99).

You can port an already existing fax number to FAX.PLUS. During the porting process, you can use your dedicated fax number to send and receive faxes because you'll need to send the company a porting request form.

User Interface

The web-based service from FAX.PLUS has a straightforward, unified design that is simple to use and makes tasks self-explanatory. Starting with your FAX.PLUS home page, your navigation all throughout the website is rather simple with the help of your admin panel.

With your name and image also on your FAX.PLUS homepage, you can access your profile and see your account details in addition to having the option to see your account balance, log out, or access help.

The inbox is the default location for the FAX.PLUS archive. You can choose your Sent, Pending Outbox, Spam, and Trash folders using the tabs at the top of the archive. You can search through your faxes using the search bar with refined search options to search by date, keyword, and fax status. You have the ability to export search results to a CSV file if you have the right billing plan.

You can view contacts you've manually added, and sort by; name, fax number, designated group, recently used, or blacklisted. You can easily edit a contact by clicking the hamburger icon to the right of the listing, and group names are fully customizable.

If you select that option and choose Fax, you can also import contacts from Excel. FAX.PLUS additionally offers comprehensive guidelines for formatting an Excel sheet to ensure a clean import.

Security You Can Trust!

FAX.PLUS is one of the most secure and reliable online faxing services in the market right now, complying with almost all major online security certifications that are necessary.

ISO/IEC 27001 Certification

Through a series of monitors and audits, Alohi (FAX.PLUS & SIGN.PLUS) was granted ISO 27001 certification by the independent and unbiased certification body EY CertifyPoint.

SOC 2 Type II Certification

The Trust Service Criteria for Security are covered in detail by the SOC 2 Type II report, which is a level of controls-based assurance.

HIPAA Certification

To ensure the privacy and security of customer data, PHI, and ePHI, all administrative, physical, and technical safeguard requirements were carefully considered.

GDPR Compliant

FAX.PLUS is committed to assisting you in using our products and services in a way that complies with GDPR, as we are aware that both data controllers and data processors have significant responsibilities under the regulation.

CCPA Compliant

In order to give you more control over your personal information, we adhere to all CCPA legal requirements, just like we do with GDPR.

CSA STAR Program

The Security Trust Assurance and Risk (STAR) program of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is followed by Alohi (FAX.PLUS & SIGN.PLUS).

FAX.PLUS Pricing Details

FAX.PLUS Review 2022 Features & Pricing: Is it the Best Online Fax Service?

Unlimited fax storage, access to mobile apps, and support for electronic signatures are features included in every FAX.PLUS package. You can also migrate your current number for free.

Basic Plan

The cheapest service by FAX.PLUS that we tested is their Basic plan which costs just $5.99 per month for 100 pooled pages (either sent or received). FAX.PLUS charges you a coverage fee of 10 cents per page if you go over your allotted amount. By choosing the annual payment option, which reduces the equivalent monthly cost to $4.99, you can save money.

Premium Plan

The 300 pooled pages included in the $11.99/month Premium plan reduce the overage charge to 5 cents per page.

Business Plan

800 pages per month, assistance for up to five team members, and Slack integration are included in the $19.99/month Business plan. The most expensive is the Enterprise option, which costs $59.99 per month, and comes with 3,000 pooled pages as well as more sophisticated admin security and developer controls. This most recent strategy also includes options for data residency and Zapier support.

Do You Get a Free Trial?

In contrast to many other faxing services, which provide free 30-day trials, FAX.PLUS requires that you sign up for their free plan option in order to use it. You must provide your name, email address, and mobile number on FAX.PLUS before receiving a six-digit verification code that enables access to the service. You will only have a small amount of access to some of the premium features by using this free plan. For example, a total of 10 pages can be sent, and any additional pages will cost 20 cents to send.

Pros & Cons of FAX.PLUS

FAX.PLUS is indeed one of the finest and most secure online fax services in the market right now. If you own an enterprise and are looking for a reliable solution for your online faxing needs, then FAX.PLUS is the right program for you. Let us discuss the pros and cons of FAX.PLUS now.


  • With one input on your web or mobile app, you can have FAX.PLUS automatically optimize your document for you to ensure faster sending and receiving.
  • The e-signature option allows users to sign any document before sending it as a fax.
  • The email-to-fax option will be a great feature in making work processes seamless and fast.
  • Super-fast delivery of faxes, be they outgoing or incoming for a productive workflow.
  • FAX.PLUS is a cost-effective solution that is priced very reasonably. There are no long-term contracts, and you can cancel at any time.
  • FAX.PLUS has developed a mobile app that allows users to easily send and receive faxes while they're on the go.


    The free trial version of FAX.PLUS has certain limitations related to extensions, which are only available on the paid plans
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Conclusion - Is FAX.PLUS an Ideal Solution for Enterprises?

FAX.PLUS is one of the cheapest online faxing services we've encountered while still offering top-notch service if you simply need to send and receive a few faxes each month. Their service is compliant with several recognized privacy and security certifications that make it an extremely reliable faxing tool for enterprises dealing with the exchange of important and sensitive information via fax.

The web interface is clear and simple to use, and the FAX.PLUS mobile app is excellent as well. The service loses appeal as you send more faxes because competing faxing services charge more aggressively for frequent faxer's. But if you only need a basic service, FAX.PLUS is unquestionably among the best online faxing options.

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