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Favourite Blogs of Forever

By Inordinatelyplush @inordinateplush
Granted I have only been writing a blog for a couple of months now, but I have been reading plenty a beauty and fashion blogs over the years to have acquired a considerate amount of favourites that I read daily. So what better time to share them with you than right now? I hope the new year is full of blogging opportunities for myself and Inordinately Plush, and I’m sure I will come across many more beautiful blogs to follow, but the majority –if not all- of the blogs below will most certainly be staying in my ‘Faves’ category on Bloglovin’ for a very long time. I can pretty much say that these blogs were the ones that got me into blogging.
ViviannadoesmakeupFirst up, it is Anna, who I’m sure most of you have come across at some point or like me you read her posts and watch her YouTube channel religiously. I don’t often get all mushy and soft –literally in life in general, I’m pretty emotionless- but I find Anna an inspiration. Now I know what your thinking, I’m just inspired by her sheer amount of beauty products and make up? Yes her collection is impeccable, but in general she is someone I look up to. She recently got herself a job that she will love and enjoy doing, and not many people can say they’ve done this. I love her blog, her writing style, her videos, and if she lived near me I would make sure she was my BFF.
milkteefBefore I say anything else I must say that this blogger has just superb hair – beaut! Emma’s OOTD posts are envious, her reviews are believable and her taste in all things fashion and beauty is lush – there is no better word for it. There was a recent video uploaded onto milkteef of a ‘How-to’ tutorial for an Enrapture hair device, but as of yet there are no other videos, but if she was ever to film any I would be just as addicted to them as I am Anna’s. The layout and colours of Milkteef are just so cute as well, I definitely judge a book by it’s cover and this cover is a delight to my eyes.
Dizzybrunette3This blogger is so bubbly and undeniably the most girly girl, you can’t help but feel like she’s your best friend if you watch her videos and read her posts. I absolutely love that Corrie’s hauls are relatable, to me and I’m assuming many other female readers out there; she buys a lot of her clothes/accessories/beauty items –which are always lovely and enviable- from high-street stores, favourites include Primark and Boots/Superdrug of course. I love Corrie’s YouTube channel, especially her tutorials; she isn’t a professional make up artist but girrrrll you got some skill! It was actually this video that helped me start my blog again recently; she made me realize how fun and easy going I could make my blog. I couldn’t say enough good things about Dizzybrunette3 –blog and YouTube channel- but you get the gist – I LOVE IT!!
LLYMLRS / ETCLLYMLRSI was truly baffled –but also slightly awe-struck- at the logic behind Lily’s blog titles; I will not spoil the fun, go visit her and find out yourself. So simple, and so great to have been thought up when she was young! I was too silly for that sort of crack. Had I used my msn/yahoo name my blog would be called ‘GeordieJenny2001’ –not cool. Anyway, I came across Lily’s blog roughly around the same time as I did Emma’s and Anna’s blogs; I was having a great blogging session back then, found some corkers. LLYMLRS is the first blog and it consists of fabulous OOTD photos and I enjoy her Sunday Portraits –on a Sunday- where I feel like I’m catching up with old friends. ETC LLYMLRS is more beauty based; reviews, photos –mega macro- and just general ‘look at this’ sort of posts which I can never get enough of. Again, her style and taste is impeccable; a definite good one.
Magpie GirlVicky’s blog Magpie Girl was literally one of the first ever blogs I read; I think I followed about five blogs religiously for so long and it consisted of Vicky’s blog and also a little bird told me (below) and a few others. I could of sworn that Vicky was from or living in Newcastle merely due to her blog title –Magpie, toon army and all that- but not long ago I read that she was living in Ireland, so major fail from my end but none the less I love her blog. I know we all like to say/think/believe we have our own personal styles and tastes but I do actually believe that Vicky’s style is truly unique and represent her personality; her accessories are to die for and the colours she wears go so fantastic with her hair and colouring it makes me want to vomit – in the best way possible I assure you. Vicky also has the best taste in loafers in the whole world; I love her blog and have done for a good couple of years now.
a little bird told meAs I said above, Jen’s blog was one of the first I ever began following and actually reading. Jen’s posts are so Jen, it is clear she writes for herself and that she enjoys what she writes about –as all the other girls above do too- and it is an excellent coincidence that I do too. Her style is classy but still on trend; she locates the best vintage items and is awesome at Primark –it is most certainly a skill. I could sit and look through her photos all day and I find her writing style so effortless to read, which I find a good sign; it means I could possibly be her BFF if I ever bump into her.
daisybutter.I can’t actually remember when I first came across Michelle’s blog; but I do know it has been in my ‘Faves’ for a while now and I feel like it has just always been there. It is always something I look forward to during a blogging binge. Most likely I will have noted at least one new item that I need or need to hunt down after reading a post by Michelle –last was some cable knit leggings from River Island. Again, Michelle is a girl who accessorises just perfectly, in a way that I wouldn’t think of myself but I see it on someone else and I’m delighted.
The next four blogs chosen were actually the blogs I read before  I began reading the beauty/fashion blogs by the girls above; I would consider these blogs to be ‘high-fashion’ blogs that I can only aspire to ever become. One, they are all exotic and beautiful and two, they appear to have extra large quantities of pounds and pence, which I am not and do not have. None the less, I absolutely adore browsing through their photos and following them all over the world to fashion events and photo shoots. Superb.
Fashion ToastThis woman is beautiful; I’m not sure who photographs her but it is done so beautifully. I love every single photograph on this blog. I can only dream of wearing the things she wears and looking so amazing whilst wearing them. I tend to make a mental note of any favorite items she may post about and I hunt for cheaper copies on the high-street or on eBay. I got addicted to this when I first discovered her.
FrassyFrassy, oh em GEE! I love this woman’s style. It’s eccentric, it’s bold, it’s bright, it’s pure beauty! Absolutely superb. She wears items from the high street too I think. Also, this blogger is pretty dam beautiful. There is also an online store, where there are key pieces of accessories and t-shirts to buy –and the prices are not that bad considering how lovely everything is. She tends to wear a lot of the jewelry from frassyrags in her photos and OOTD style posts, it all looks amazing. She crosses barriers that us Brit girls would never dream of doing, but it is pulled off in a classy and exceedingly fashionable manner. Superb.
inside am-lul’s closetGala Gonzalez; this woman is pretty famous in the fashion blogging world –I think- and I can think of nothing better on a lazy Sunday afternoon that reading a post about her latest spread in Vogue or last weekend’s fashion show – Bliss. I would describe her style as bohemian, but I could be wrong, either way it is just fabulous. Not only is she beautiful and so on-trend it would make a grown woman cry, but she appears to be the coolest woman ever. What more could a reader ask for?

k a t e l o v e s m eThe only male blogger to enter my favourites category; in fact, the only male blogger –worth reading- that I have come across ever. If I ever seen a man like this in Newcastle, I think I would drop down to my knees. Not even in the new Urban Outfitters do I see a man as awesome as k a t e l o v e s m e blogger. He is insanely amazing. I’m not usually one for arse-licking –there is no nicer way of putting it- but I could lick this guys arse for a good few hours; but I won’t because you can go see what all my fuss is about yourself.
So there you go, by top all time favorite bloggers. Over this year I have come across many more blogs that I follow religiously, but I wanted to share with you the blogs that are pretty much famous in my little simple head. Every blogger listed has their own unique writing style, fashion sense, beauty regimes, photography techniques etcetera etcetera, and I love every one. I couldn’t say a bad word about any of them. These are the bloggers than inspired me to start Inordinately Plush –hooray. Closer to New Year I will be listing my favorite blogs of 2011; blogs that I may have started loving in January, or a mere few weeks ago. I love reading posts like this, so I thought I’d do a couple in the hopes that you do too and hopefully you will visit my favorite places and they can become your favourites too.
Lots of love bloggers!
P.S. Should I make my font a little larger for you guys? It's looking pretty small.

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