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Favourite Blogs of 2011

By Inordinatelyplush @inordinateplush
It is 20:57.I done a post recently on my favorite blogs of forever, but this year, since actually writing my own blog I have come across many many many beauty and fashion blogs which have become regulars in my daily blogging binge. Also, what I have grown to become obsessed with recently, is YouTube, so I will also list the few that I absolutely love at the minute. This list will be longer than my all time faves so I will be keeping it brief, but I could go on and on and on and on…
Pearls & PoodlesMilly’s OOTD photos are so lovely, everything she wears looks gorgeous on her and she can pull off any lipstick in the world. Seriously. Her beauty reviews are varied in terms of the pieces she writes about, but my personal favourites are the lipstick ones.
ZoellaAka. Schoee. Zoe is so gorgeous, bubbly and super girly. Lovely to watch and her posts are always perfect. Literally. I love that it’s not all beauty beauty beauty with Zoe, her post on panic attacks not long ago was very refreshing to read and she definitely lets her readers into her life a little more than other bloggers can do. I do think I was a little late jumping on this band wagon, because she appears to be insanely popular in the blogging world. Love love.
The Sunday GirlAt least 2 or 3 beauty reviews every day. I’d love to see inside this blogger’s make up bag, and I am betting it is pretty large. Excellent and believable reviews.
Dozen DressesLiterally found this blog this week and fell in love. Sonia has absolutely to die for style, every OOTD image is perfection and she is also a sweety on Twitter too. Dozen Dresses immediately entered my ‘Faves’ category on Bloglovin’.
Holly ArabellaHolly does so many great beauty reviews and everything she writes about I seem to absolutely love or have. Great minds. Clinique, Lush, Nars, love them all.
GemsmaquillageGemma is a high street fashion queen, she wears amazing clothes and her make up never seems to be out of place. I love watching her vids too because she is so lovely! So pretty.
I Covet TheeStyle, beauty and great photos all bunged into a fabulous blog. A very recent find, but so glad I did.
The LondonerThis woman is just everything I wish to be. I love reading her posts of where she’s visited, or what she’s been wearing recently. She is so beautiful and even taught me how to make my own home-made Nutella.
EffiesmakeupboxSuch a unique blogger. Heather has an absolutely excellent look, and can do amazing nail art. Her style is a rarity, but in an oh-so-brilliantly kind of way. I really love watching her vids and reading her blog.
India RoseYou know what, all I can say about this blog is: beautiful. You will see what I mean when you visit.
Jemima and TedAnother recent find.A girl after my own heart. Gorgeous photos and again everything she writes about I seem to enjoy lots.
MariannnanI could just look at this beautiful lady all day. She is so beautiful. Beauty, fashion and lifestyle all thrown into this beautiful piece of www.
Temporary SecretaryWe all love Sarah, she is so pretty and looks good in anything. Her online store Temporary:Secretary has the cutest accessories and jewelry ever, and as far as I know, most of the jewelry she wears on her blog is from her store. All fabulous. Fabulous lady, fabulous blog.. fab fab fab!
#Golly GoshDo you know what, Vicky is such a lovely blogger. I’m only new to the blogging world, but a few Twitter exchanges have assured me that this lady is lovely. As well as always looking fabulous, I love her style and if I could steal it, I most certainly would; especially her large collection of silver. Yum!
LespoirdemavieAnother recent fave of mine just squeezing into 2011, I enjoy reading Jo’s posts and her style suits me to a T. Love it all. You always look fab honey.
Favourite YouTube channels or vloggers are:
ViviannaDoesMakeup – Goes without saying. Fab fab fab videos.Beautycrush – Samantha is just a babe and looks good in anything, even knee high socks, which I am yet to brave.Dollybowbow – Firstly, love her accent. Love her hauls, she’s so easy to watch, lovely laydee.FleurDeForce – Doesn’t everyone subscribe to FleurDeForce? She is just so good infront of that camera. Inspiration.DizzyBrunette3 – Again, one of my all time favourites. Her videos are a little pick me up as she is always bubbly and so funny.UglyFaceOfBeauty – Love Grace’s videos. She is so lovely, so down to earth and easy to watch. Fabulous taste in everything.SprinkleofGitter – Louise is such a bubbly character and Baby Glitter is absolutely adorable. I love watching Louise, I feel like she could be everyone’s BFF. Lovely.Zoella – Just everything about Zoe’s videos I love. Love her hauls, love her tags, love her vlogs.. love love love.Voussontbeauetbelle – This girl is hilarious. Looks amazing and has a great sense of humour, every man’s dream. Maybe even mine.ThePersianBabe – Very recently subscribed, but she’s amazing. Great taste in all things beauty and fashion related. Again, think I jumped on this bandwagon very late. She is superb.
I hope you have enjoyed this post and hopefully you have acquired a list of blogs/vloggers to check out in the new year.. eeeeek 2012!!It is 22:03
P.S. I follow so many other lovely blogs, and I come across loads of fabulous new editions almost every week, so please take a look at my Following list from my profile and go check them out. I follow quite a varied amount of blogs, and love every one. The blogging community is such a lovely one, and I am loving visiting all the lovely places on the World Wide Web -yay.

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