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Favorite Song Friday: Wiggle

By Xoxoxoe
Jason Derulo (with the help of Snoop Dog) has come out with another bad little boy song, "Wiggle," just when it seemed that his "Talk Dirty to Me" was as naughty (and rude, especially in the rap) as he and mainstream radio could get.
But as naughty-aspiring as "Wiggle" might be, I just can't help smiling and even laughing while I listen to it. There is something pretty darn silly about the whole thing. The video for the song seems to understand that — melting big booty sculpture aside.

favorite song friday: wiggle

Derulo and pals wiggle poolside

Although I know it is certainly not the artists' intention, I can't wait for the Kids Bop version, which is sure to become a standard in toddler preschool recess times. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle ...

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