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Favorite Song Friday: Who is This Ed Sheeran Guy, Anyway?

By Xoxoxoe
Ed Sheeran has been all over the charts in recent years, but it's highly possible that he is still an unfamiliar face to many. He has written hit songs for One Direction ("Moments," "Little Things") and dueted with Taylor Swift ("Everything Has Changed") and even seen his own songs do well ("The A Team," "Lego House"). But who is this ginger-haired, somewhat unassuming Brit? Only 23, he has been performing since 2005 (you do the math). His latest song, "Sing," seems at first a bit out of character, as it could easily become a dance club hit, but Sheeran's recent rendition of it with a more acoustic approach on The Voice stayed true to his singer-songwriter roots and proved that under all of the production, it is just a really good song.
favorite song friday: who is this ed sheeran guy, anyway?
The official video is pretty humorous, too, and plays with the idea of his known/unknown status. Plus, the mid-way appearance of Pharrell explains the more groovy aspects:

Here's his more acoustic take on The Voice:

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