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Favorite Find: Sink

By Schoolofvintage @schoolofvintage
Technically it was found with my (Erin's) house and it's ohh 75% of the reason I bought the house in the first place. kitchen sink!

favorite find: sink

We live in a little 1950's bungalow that was once part of a small fishing village. When Paul and I found our house, the sink and the stove (may she rest in peace) were both original. This is what the stove looked like, it was a 1950's Welbilt.  You used to have to light it with a match, and the oven calibration was so off that it would take about 4 minutes to bake brownies. Well, the outside at least. So as a wedding gift, my parents bought us a new stove, and though I appreciate it, I miss the aesthetic of the old one. I'm pretty sure they lost sleep worrying that I was going to blow up the house...
Back to the sink.
favorite find: sink
The top is a porcelain farmhouse style sink, and the bottom is completely metal. My favorite aspect are the details such as the drawer pulls and the name tag. The entire kitchen renovation was based on the sink, which hails from my favorite era.
favorite find: sink
*the child safety lock which appears on the left cabinet in the first picture is due to the fact that my dog Bear learned how to open the cabinet to get to the garbage. Just ignore it.

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