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Favorite 100 Songs of 2019 :: #100-81

By Ventipop @ventipop
Favorite 100 Songs of 2019 :: #100-81

Ventipop's favorite 100 songs of 2019 is the culmination of all the best new songs I've heard and featured over the past year. It's not the same songs you'll hear on every other site's top 100 song list. Because it's my fucking favorite 100 songs...not theirs. Here are songs #100-81.

100.  “The Future Is Here” by Sleater-Kinney

I start my day on a tiny screen
Try to connect the words, they’re right in front of me
I walk to work out on the city streets
No one speaks to me, their stony faces beat

99. “Cool To Who” by Walrus

I don’t think we have a specific classification or term of what we do, we used to be a lot more psyched out but now I think we just make music we like. We’re not trying to sound like one specific thing and aren’t trying to pretend we’re a jazz band or something either, so I suppose we sound like ourselves, a maturing version of what we have always been.
— Walrus band member Justin Murphy

98. “Gucci Rock N Rolla” by Snakeships feat. Rivers Cuomo & KYLE

I was faded in the daylight
Elevated up in cloud nine
I don’t need no one to get by
If you wanna judge me, that’s fine

97. “People’s Faces” by Kate Tempest

Even when I’m weak and I’m breaking
I stand weeping at the train station
’Cause I can see your faces
I love people’s faces

96. “Je Ne Me Connais Pas” by Mattiel

Not my rodeo, not my Michelangelo
You can keep your liquor and keep your tobacco
Don’t pay no attention, too much of a hassle
Leave ‘em in a white dress, leave ‘em in the chapel

95. “Light Years” by The National

Oh, the glory of it all was lost on me
’Til I saw how hard it’d be to reach you
And I would always be light years, light years away from you
Light years, light years away from you

94. “The Best of Folks” by Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Don’t get angry if you’re called the worst of many
Don’t withdraw your hands from all that they can do
Those who would deny your love may not have any
For the best of folks will see the best in you

93. “Easy” by Camilla Cabello

All of the mazes and the madness in my mind
You really, really love me
You know me and you love me

92. “All My Happiness Is Gone” by Purple Mountains

Ten thousand afternoons ago
All my happiness just overflowed

91. “Cornelia Street” by Taylor Swift

You hold my hand on the street
Walk me back to that apartment
Years ago, we were just inside
Barefoot in the kitchen
Sacred new beginnings
That became my religion, listen...

90. “Only The Dark” by K. Flay

Promise when you go, you’ll sleep with the stars
Remember when the lights dim down
It’s only the dark

89. “July” by Graveyard Club

I don’t want a life with the lights around me
I don’t want a life with the lights around me
I don’t want a life with the lights around me
I don’t want a life with the lights around me
Why can’t I say goodbye?
Tears in eyes look like diamonds
Empty form and crooked sound
You were a bird
What are you now?

88. “Not How It’s Supposed To Go” by Ashe

Be a good girl, pretty house wife
Need to have sex every night

87. “I’m Afraid of Americans” by BONES UK

Johnny wants a brain
Johnny wants to suck on a Coke
Johnny wants a woman
Johnny wants to think of a joke
Johnny’s in America
I’m afraid of Americans
— David Bowie

86. “Catch Me If You Can” by The Cranberries

Through the darkness
Escaping from yourself

85. “Dylan Thomas” by Better Oblivion Community

If it’s advertised, we’ll try it
And buy some peace and quiet
And shut up at the silent retreat
They say you’ve gotta fake it
At least until you make it
That ghost is just a kid in a sheet
I’m getting used to these dizzy spells
I’m taking a shower at the Bates Motel

84. “Look What You Started” by Paris Youth Foundation

You say all the right things but
Just at the wrong time

83. “Mi Rumba” by Sofi Tukker, ZHU

Call me a pervert, call me a freak
I want every part of you inside every part of me

82. “Summer of ‘42” by Kishi Bashi

The days were gone asunder
The chaos of the war
Made man of everybody
But the memories I adore
We named our favorite sunset
But I remember very few
The summer of ‘42
When I was in love with you

81. “Called You Twice” by FIDLAR featuring K. Flay

If I’m being honest
My friends hated your ironic attitude
Same for me, it wasn’t cute
Guess I’ve been assuming that real life was like a movie








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