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Father's Day Thoughts

By Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

Too often on this day, the cultural presentation of the ideal father tends to cast a pall of sorts on my own role
Happy_dad_dayas father to my two boys.  Measuring up to the Hallmark depiction can be depressing.  I fall short of that ideal in many ways but there is one area or aspect of my being their dad that I'd like to think the boys can look to and actually learn something.

I've come to believe firmly that a decent father is at first a decent husband.  And though I'm sure I fall short in that area as well, I do believe the boys see how devoted I am to their mother, how she means the world to me and how I see, recognize and honor her as the cornerstone of our little family.

Though I'm sure the boys' love for sports is an offshoot of my own love for the same, and though I'd like to think that their intelligence and good looks are as well... er... ok... their intelligence is as well... the bottom line for me as their father is that I hope, when I'm long gone, they can honestly say that loving their mother was something I did well and something they'll want to emulate as they begin the trek toward starting and caring for their own little families.

My dad, who will also admit readily that he too is far from perfect, has shown me how to love a woman.  Sure there'll be areas where improvement could be pursued and shown but there's no denying that my dad loves my mom.  No denying that at all.  Next year mom and dad will celebrate 55 years together as a married couple.  That's modelling commitment, love and the honoring of marriage and something I'm learning to treasure as each day passes.

And so on this Father's day, while recognizing that I'm no Hallmark dad, I salute my dad for what he's shown me about marriage.

And I pray that one day, my sons will salute me similarly.

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