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Father's Day Gifts Both Dad and Mom Can Enjoy

By Marcie @marciepeterson
I would like to thank Michelle Pino today for doing this guest post
Father's Day Gifts Both Dad and Mom Can Enjoy
How many times are special-occasion gifts really selfless? I mean, we usually have some ulterior motive when we give, don’t we? This Father’s Day, go ahead and embrace enlightened self-interest. Get Dad a gift he’ll enjoy that benefits you as well. Need help coming up with some ideas? Here are a few to get your creative juices flowing.

A Manly Grill
Are you tired of doing all the cooking for your family? Dad will happily help without even realizing it when you get him that grill he’s been eyeing. If you have great weather and a place to grill outdoors, you can go with a traditional grill. If outdoor space is limited or you live in an area where the weather doesn’t cooperate often with outdoor plans, find an indoor model that he’ll love. Either way, it translates to less work for you.

A Resort Day
Even a single day at a resort will help to recharge dad’s energy, and you can enjoy the day there as well. I’ve seen many guys spend hours at Turning Stone Resort’s poker tables or swing away on the golf course while their wives relax at the resort spa. Then meet up for a couples’ massage or dinner together in the evening.

Need to work on your man’s appearance a little? Many men are happy to wear the clothes if you actually buy them for him. Pick out a handsome clothing item or two that you’ve been dying to see him wear. You might be surprised how willing he’ll be to clean up nicely for his lady once he has the right clothes for the job.

The Gift of Fitness
Has Dad spent more time watching television than watching his weight lately? Get some quality time together at the gym with a fitness club membership, or enroll as a couple into one of the popular six-week shred classes. You’ll get him off the couch, and the two of you will also get to spend some quality time together while improving your health and fitness.

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