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Fashion Pairings: Opposites Attract

By Jewelrygal @1928jewelry

We all know the all-too-common phrase we utter when we look inside the closet with racks and stacks of clothing and say “I have nothing to wear!” Well, that might mean you just ran out of ways to pair your top, bottoms, shoes and accessories.  It’s time to  get a little more creative and take a different approach to dressing by making old items look fresh again! Instead of coordinating your outfits just by color and what “seems” to look right, think opposites. Just as black goes perfectly with white, so do geometric with organic shapes, militant/edgy with soft and feminine looks, and glitzy with sporty styles.

fashion opposites

Opposites Attract: Sporty and glitzy

Don’t save your glitzy top for the red carpet or formal event! Dress it down by leaving out your stilettos and pumps and going the opposite with the sporty wool trousers, sneakers, a messenger bag and matching 1928 earrings!

opposite fashion

Opposites Attract: Geometric design and animal prints

Patterns are one of my favorite ways to pair opposites, but it can get a little tricky because your outfit can end up looking a little too chaotic. The one “rule” or non-rule to go by is to make sure there are one or two a matching color points.

Do you have a favorite fashion opposite? Please do tell


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