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By Kena @campchic


Halloween is just around the corner and I was going to be a Tron Girl. Notice I said "was going to be". I've decided in order to be a Tron Girl I need a Tron Boy and since Halloween is less than 5 days away it looks like my hopes of finding Mr. Tron is slowly dwindling. I know I know I can get all dolled up and go by myself.  However for those of us who are single, I can't imagine anything worse than strutting into a party a la carte (by myself) wearing a skin tight action figure costume.  Someone's bound to ask the uncomfortable question "did you come with anyone or where's Tron". Since I'm a mature adult I will have to respond with the " I'm every women, its ok I'm alone...blah blah. When in actuality I want to say "look joker I'm here by myself, I wanted to make an appearance at your goofy adolescent Halloween party."  "Don't make me regret it"!  Anywho, I think I will stay home and wear my UB Outfitter Tiger Sunggie! Hey at least I'll be cozy and happy. That's what I keep telling myself anyway. 


Who will you be for Halloween?


(My Fantasy Costume)

 Tron Siren



(My Real Costume)

Urban Outfitters Tiger Buddy 




Halloween Costume Ideas

Black Swan



Karl Lagerfeld



Bravo Real Housewives


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