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Fashion at the Supermarket – The New Coles Mix Clothing Label

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport
Fashion at the Supermarket – The new Coles Mix Clothing Label

Imogen Lamport in Coles Mix Clothing Range

A few weeks ago I was approached by Channel 9′s A Current Affair program to roadtest the new Coles Supermarket Mix clothing label and give my opinion on whether or not it was worth the money.

The program purchased a couple of outfits for myself and a friend to wear, and wear, wash and wear, and ask for opinions on, and wear again and then report back.

Fashion at the Supermarket – The new Coles Mix Clothing Label

Coles Mix clothing

I was pleasantly surprised when going into Coles that they have change rooms (I don’t believe in buying anything I can’t try on) and at the Burwood store where I got mine, the change rooms were big enough to swing a cat.

I chose one casual outfit of jeans, top, cardigan, bejewelled thongs and necklace, one more dressy outfit of a black dress and black cardigan and ballet flats.

Given that there is already way too much landfill in the world, I was really concerned that these clothes would fall to pieces after a couple of wears and be completely disposable.   There are some things you need to watch out for, the jersey is tissue thin, so isn’t forgiving on lumps or bumps, but if you select a more forgiving style you can accommodate that feature.  Make sure you choose the garments that have finished hems so you don’t get rolling, but other than that I was pleasantly surprised.  These are great casual clothes that you can wash and wear and not have to worry about, but are up with the latest trends.

I made a couple of videos of my experiences which I’ll share with you here.

and here

And here is the story that went to air on A Current Affair on Channel 9 last week.

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