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Fascinators (Women's Hats)

By Nancymccarroll
The Royal Wedding showed off its finest.  Some links for your enjoyment are included at the bottom of the post relating from fashion to the sanctity of marriage.
But first, let's talk about the hats almost all wedding celebrants were wearing yesterday.  I learned from a television commentator a new term for those hats that sit on the side of the head: "fascinators".
The hat style, as SIL Charlotte remarked, it not new.  In fact, fascinators were quite in style in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Here is Marie Antoinette in what could be called a fascinator on her head:
Fascinators (Women's Hats)Hats are not required to sit atop the head, but can be an adornment to an elaborate hairdo.  Marie shows her up-do to advantage with the fascinator adding at least 10-12 inches to her height!
From yesterday's ceremony, note the hat that Posh Girl wore yesterday with a sleek pony tail:
Fascinators (Women's Hats)
Kate Middleton has generally favored Philip Treacy as her favorite hat stylist.  Now that she is Catherine, Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge, Mr. Treacy will likely continue to be a designer icon world-wide.
Fascinators (Women's Hats)
Remember Catherine in this Philip Treacy hat?
So an old made new style is coming back for hats.  The Fascinator!  Let's all run out and buy a few.
Satanica on Etsy has these lovely fascinators for sale at a reasonable price; swing over to this page to see more and/or to purchase on Etsy (everything hand made).
Fascinators (Women's Hats)
Fascinators (Women's Hats)
Fascinators (Women's Hats)
As promised, web links, courtesy of Living the Grand Life:
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By Lora T. Palma
posted on 01 October at 16:33
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I have recently stumbled upon a site called and have browsed their fascinators, it made me curious after I've seen the royal princesses wearing them and I'm quite delighted to know that these cute hats have some piece of UK's history.

By Linda marklund
posted on 03 September at 19:37
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That red hat in the bottom is flawless!! Love it. Check out my site if you have some time: Luxury lane hats