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Farewell, My Lovely

Posted on the 05 July 2011 by Kaiser31083 @andythemovieguy
Farewell, My LovelyPhilip Marlowe is in his hotel room in LA eagerly following DiMaggio's hit streak while ducking the police who want him on questioning for a handful of murders. He tells us about a big galoot client and how the search for his girlfriend has led him down a path involving blackmail, prostitution, and murder, all leading to the beautiful young wife of a wealthy older judge. Farewell, My Lovely is the third filmization of the hard boiled Raymond Chandler novel following 1942's The Falcon Takes Over and 1944's Murder, My Sweet. Here Robert Mitchum is an ideal Marlowe, just as frank and rigid, but maybe a little worn and more compassionate. He was significantly older than Humphrey Bogart and Dick Powell when they played the roles, and it is a pleasure to see how he plays it at his age. The story here is just as engaging as the 1944 version (haven't seen the '42 one) and director Dick Richards nicely captures 1940 Los Angeles as well as the noir atmosphere. Farewell, My Lovely is a fine detective story and a wonderful showcase for Robert Mitchum who fits into Philip Marlowe's shoes like a glove.

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