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Fantasy Film Casting – Meet the Parents & Meet the Fockers

By Newguy

Let’s Recast a Film

You know how us film fans always want to recast a film, well today we play the role of producer and this script has turned up on our desk. The next job is to cast the film as if it the year is 2016, the rules are as simple you can’t use anyone who is in the original film however good or bad you think the film is. So without further ado let’s cast this movie.

Film: Meet the Parents


Original Cast: Robert D Niro, Ben Stiller, Teri Polo, Blythe Danner, Dustin Hoffman, Barbra Streisand

New Cast: Kurt Russell, Blake Harrison, Margot Robbie, Hugh Laurie, Helena Bonham Carter, Virginia Madsen

Why I have picked this star:

Robert De Niro – Kurt Russell – Jack Byrnes

de niro
 Jack is a by the book protective former FBI agent, my spin on this character is that Jack has been working in the narcotics division and his interrogation is a lot more extra style as he is used to dealing with drug dealers.

Ben Stiller – Blake Harrison – Greg Focker

 Greg is the hardworking wimpy like character who is perfect for Jack to test, Blake has been working in British television and cinema in roles which have gained him plenty of comical praise and this role will let it shine through the actors not always known for comedy.

Teri Polo – Margot Robbie – Pam Byrnes

 Margot is one of the hottest properties in Hollywood today and with this role we can give the Pam character a lot more time because she is almost wasted in the franchise.

Blythe Danner – Virginia Madsen – Dina Byrnes

 Dina much like Pam is wasted in the first film giving her slightly more screen time will give Virginia the almost complete opposite to Kurt a great chemistry through the film.

Dustin Hoffman – Hugh Laurie – Bernie Focker

Bernie is very quirky to say the least and while the America audience only know Hugh as being House we Brits know just how capable at comedy he really is and I am thinking maybe channel some of the Blackadder characters together with this choice.

Barbra Streisand – Helena Bonham Carter – Rozalin Focker

 Roz is much like her husband quirky and who else but the queen of strange Helena Bonham Carter in this role, keeping everything on this side of the family English too.

How will this change the film: For this film I have decided to mix both Meet the Parents and Meets the Fockers so we meet both sets of parents, I have also decided to make Greg and his family English. I am also tempted to change the Focker last name to something along the lines of Crinklebottom, the English readers will get this reference.

Will you be going to see this new version of the film?
Who would you rather see in this film?

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