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Family Holiday During Covid19

By Lovegetssweeter @LoveGetsSweeter

What's It Like Travelling Abroad During Coronavirus?

We got to enjoy a LOT of the things we thought we couldn't and all of them felt really safe too.

From water parks and local beaches to typical tourist day trips and exploring further than our hotel, we made the most of it!

Before we left we had to admit we were a little worried and wasn't sure if travelling abroad when so many people were worried to even leave their house felt irresponsible.

The media painted it out to be hell travelling and only added to the anxieties.

But now we have been back a couple of weeks?

My goodness was it the right decision!

Sadly our hotel made the decision to close again shortly after due to the lack of guests and not covering their costs. They really did an incredible job adapting with all the restrictions and looked after us.

I know a lot more holidays have been cancelled since and guidelines change ALL the time.

I know for me it's made us feel a little braver being home. I'm happy to speak up if something doesn't feel safe and ignore the news trying to fuel the fear.

Family Holiday Photography - A Bit Of Family History!

I decided to document our holiday because I really wanted to practice a bit of street photography and I was curious what the experience would look and feel like being one of the first tourists post lockdown.

I also felt it would be a weird bit of family history travelling during a Worldwide pandemic. Not only capturing what our holiday looked like with so many travel restrictions but how we got on considering all the worries we left with.

As you can see, we made the best of what could've been a weird situation and came home with a ton of weird and wonderful memories!

Bit of a long one though huh? Well done for getting this far but also thanks for taking the time to check out a bit of my personal family photography too!

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