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Fallout From Contention Sets: .Law/.Lawyer; .Hotel/.Hotels; .Car/.Cars & Many More

Posted on the 27 February 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

Now that ICANN has stuck to its guns and only placed 4 new gTLD’s strings that look confusingly similar into contention sets, rather than those that sound identical, such as .inc and .ink or those that have the same meaning like .Law and .Lawyer or those that are singular and plurals of the same word, we now know what we will get when the new gTLD’s roll out and in part its going to be a very a tough marketing road for some of the strings.

Not only will the new gTLD strings have to sell themselves to the public as alternatives to incumbent TLD’s and ccTLD’s but they will have to separate themselves from other new gTLD’s that will be fighting in the same vertical for seemly the same customers with almost the same String.

Here are some new gTLD strings that will not only have to compete for the same vertical but possibly a real problem is separating themselves away a very close alternative























Of course there is still the objection period which doesn’t close until March 13th and the Initial Evaluation of applications which should start to be released in March which could change things around but it looks like some of these new gTLD’s are going to have a lot of competition right out of the gate.…

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