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Fall Soon?

By Jlynnn @Jlynnn
Summer is (finally) here in Vancouver, yet I already feel the pull towards fall fashion. There is just something about fall that feels like the beginning of a  new year  - particularly september. As far back as I can remember I've planned my "back-to-school" shopping as if it were a serious matter. I compiled notes, photographs, drawings, art work, along with trimmings and anything inspirational so that my perfectly planned shopping trip would be precisely executed. A family member recently told me the story of how when I was 7 or so, she was taking me shopping for my "school outfits" and I had come completely prepared with drawings of each piece of clothing I was in search of. Its funny when you hear things like that and think wow, I was meant to be in this (fashion) industry. 

We are now only one and a half months shy of the elusive September Issue's that are to be released. The fall campaigns have already started to trickle through the internet, and I am absolutely picking favorites. Fall Soon?Lust and luxury paired together along what looks like the French Riviera is what makes this campaign essential. Its glamour and timeless, with the women in the power position. The black and white isn't so bad either.                                                                          Salvatore Ferragamo, shot by Mikael JanssonFall Soon?

As I had predicted earlier in the term, snakeskin is back with vengeance. I guarantee Anna Dello Russo with be showing up to an event sporting one of the python print inspired items. And the boots? Sartorial gold!                                                                                                                                                          Prada, shot by Steven Meisel                             
Fall Soon?This collection is so perfect for fall/winter as it is completely reminiscent of ski lodge luxury. I love the simplicity of it, along with the awkward positions, pale skin, and pop's of color.                           Jill Sander, shot by Willy VandeperreSee more of my favorites here on my Tumblr!

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