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Fall's Hottest Trend: Its A Glove Thing!

By Kena @campchic


Who doesn't love a fine pair of gloves?! I'm dying to own a pair of Chanel vintage leather gloves.  My only dilemma is where to wear them. I have this vision of myself walking around Gramercy Park- New York, turning the key into my beautiful renovated Brownstone, stepping in the foyer and removing my lovely vintage gloves and 1940's inspired hat. I mean you have to wear a 1940's wide brim hat with leather gloves, one doesn't go without the other.  Jeffery (my imaginary butler) would greet me at the front door with a cup of tea...I just love Jeffery! Ok enough day dreaming, gloves are going to be one HOT trend for Fall. I suggest you get on board and buy yourself a sweet pair of lady gloves for your evening out on the Town!











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