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Fakin' It

By Cestlabellevie @cestlabelle_vie
Fakin' ItWhat do you do when you wake up with 20 minutes to get ready for church after a late night in Seattle? Put whatever's comfiest on and top it with a blazer & a scarf. Really, it will instantly make you look a tad put together, fooling the whole congregation into thinking you've been up for hours and were totally ready on time. At least, it worked for me last weekend. Also, it's difficult to take outfit photos when your sister (who doesn't know the definition of personal boundaries) will jump in the photo with you at any given time. Really, I was lucky to get this one photo alone!Fakin' ItLast weekend was my little sister's 19th birthday and my older sister Katie flew in from California to surprise her and my mom! My dad and I were in on the secret, and it was so fun to surprise my mom--this was the first time all seven of us were home at the same time since last Christmas, so it was really special. We ate ALOT, played ultra-competitive games of Catch Phrase, talked next to the fire, went thrifting, and drank lots of Gingerbread Lattes (and one mocha with Peppermint Schnapps--don't tell), among other things. I was so, so happy to have sister time for the first time in 10 months. It was like a holiday season pre-funk! I have lots more photos from our lovely weekend coming soon. Fakin' It
Anybody have more last-minute clothing to tricks to fool others into thinking you've got it all together? Do tell!
scarf: thrifted, blazer and socks: Target, flannel: borrowed from my mom, boots: Kmart (seriously)

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