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Faith in Fiction Friday: Proof (Bloodline Trilogy #1)

By Anovelsource @thenovellife


There are moments when I pick up a book that I’ve already “judged” by the cover then discover that I’m blown away by the writing, plot, characters, etc.  Proof was one such book.  And it’s not that the cover is that bad. . .it just didn’t jump out and appeal to me.  I read this novel during the Inspy Judging Period and Proof made it to the Shortlist.  Proof is also a finalist for the 2013 Carol Award for Debut Fiction and the ForeWard Reviews 2012 Book of the Year.


What I know is that God is always working around us. He doesn’t just work within the walls of a denomination. Sometimes, I think we feel if we can get unbelievers through the church doors, the church will do the rest and our obligation is met. It’s obvious Lilly has great resistance to anything structured. We need to watch for where God is working around her. Show her grace. Be there as much as she allows. 

Proof takes us on a whirlwind ride into the life of Dr. Lilly Reeves, ER physician who becomes the 5th victim of a serial rapist.  In an effort to gain control over her life and exact punishment on her assailant, Lilly goes in search of her attacker.  But when Lilly believes she has found him, DNA testing clears him as a suspect. How can she prove he is guilty, if science says he is not?

Imagine being sexually assaulted and able to recall key facts about the assailant ~ like an unusual tattoo or strangely colored eyes, and even have DNA evidence from the assailant. . .but when you’ve found him, and you’re positive it is the attacker. . .the DNA testing clears him!  Now you begin to doubt yourself, the police certainly look at you with a bit of caution and your fellow hospital friends and staff start to avoid you.  Have you accused the wrong man? How can DNA be wrong? And are you going crazy?

It was her first shift back, and she didn’t know if she could portray compassion to any of these individuals.  A deep anger smoldered within her.  The only release was time spent at the firing range and hefty doses of alcohol at night to numb her senses into a fitful sleep. The bruises from her face had cleared, but what remained was the quiet resolve of a hunter in search of her prey.

Filled with enough suspense worthy of an episode of 24, Redwood takes a likable character and gives her flaws that you question just as the police and friends question.  But while Lilly is coming to terms with her memories of the rape and who the attacker may be, she is also coming to terms with where God fits into the whole equation; where God was when the rape occurred and why she is being ostracized for pointing out who she believes is the attacker.

The one thing that truly stood out for me with this novel is that it’s not your typical “Christian Fiction.”   Proof is a novel I would happily share with non-believing friends and know they would not feel as though I were pushing my beliefs upon them.  This novel deals with real life happenings and the way we choose to deal with what life hands us.  Lilly truly struggles with faith.  And because she is a “good” person why did God allow bad things to happen to her?

Jordyn Redwood has worked for over 20 years as a critical care and ER nurse and her experience shines through in the novel. She has also taken her knowledge to start a blog: Redwood’s Medical Edge in an effort to help other authors write medically accurate novels.

Proof is a thriller of a novel with characters you can’t help but fall in love with and a bad guy you love to hate!  I can’t wait to read the next two novels in this trilogy: Poison and Peril.

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Faith in Fiction Friday: Proof (Bloodline Trilogy #1)

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