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Fairytale Summer Wedding in Corfu in Coral Tones │ Sara & Andrew

By Eleni Balkouli @Love4Wed

What a dreamy wedding...! Sara and Andrew's summer wedding in Corfu was intentionally romantic with a super fabulous decoration artfully planned by Belli Momenti Corfu - Paxoi. Vivid coral peonies and roses with lush greenery are combined, creating an endlessly magical setting we just could not wait to share with you! From the impressive flower arch at the ceremony to the stunning centrepieces with the hanging crystal chandeliers and elegant tableware at the dinner, this wedding will definitely leave you breathless. Sara was stunning in her a - line wedding dress with the long lace sleeves from Justin Alexander. Get ready to be swept off your feet by every single detail.

Captured by Sandy and Odysseas Photography.

The bride shared with us: "We met in college! A few years into our undergraduate degrees we attended the same pre-game (American) football party. As the months went by, we routinely ran into each other on campus, at our regular watering hole, and even went on a few dates. Nothing serious ever developed while we were in college. After graduating and moving to separate states we didn't hear much from one another but stayed in touch. A few years later, I accepted a job in Seattle, where Andrew was living and working. Guess who quickly volunteered to be a personal tour guide of the city? After Andrew helped me find an apartment and move-in, we went on a few dates. And finally, I agreed to place a label on the relationship after the third ask from Andrew... After moving in together, adopting a puppy, moving to California, USA, and years of dating Andrew decided to plan a special day around an already planned visit to Seattle. He started the morning by asking if Ι would like to grab coffee and walk the lake before brunch with friends. Seattleites will always say, "yes," to two things: coffee and hikes. We decided on a hike near one of our old Seattle homes. The lake where we taught our dog to swim and visited regularly rain or shine. We stopped at one dock where an adorable duo (grandpa and granddaughter) was fishing off the side. Grandpa sat quietly in his camp chair with a fishing pole in hand. His granddaughter lightly complained that no fish could be seen from the dock. After walking up and down the dock I suggested we walk back and head to brunch. Andrew let out a, "wait, one more thing..." where he then pulled a ring, tied to a fishing line, tied to a belt loop out of his pocket. Of course, there was a certain degree of risk in proposing while surrounded by water. It wasn't until after he got down on one knee, asked me to marry him, and the ring was on my finger until he untied the security line".

"I was not sure where to start when picking out a dress. I met with a stylist and led with two requirements: comfortable in hot temperatures and effortless class without a ton of dress structure. My attendant delivered. My second dress was, "the one." I fell in love with the lace sleeves patterned from leafy ferns. The lace, illusion back, and deep, yet modest, neckline were instant sellers. The A-line body and chiffon skirt provided comfort and coolness through the entire wedding day. Emerald stud earrings to pair with her wedding ring; a veil perched on the crown of a marvelous low up-do; a rose gold hairpiece which added a few additional details and depth to my hair style." "Given the lovely coral exterior of the venue, we hoped to tie the floral arrangements and color palate into the overall aesthetic. I am particularly fond of peonies and we were able to incorporate them as a theme for the bridal bouquet, aisle, and altar decorations as well as the table pieces. Because we were traveling from the US to Greece, the idea of including DIY aspects into our wedding would have been difficult. We concluded early on that all decorations would likely be curated and designed in Greece. Neither one of us had a blueprint of what we expected in terms of décor and theme. Both of our jobs are quite demanding and prevented us from spending extra time planning out the finer details of our wedding. We are incredibly grateful to have had such a strong and understanding bond with our wedding planner. Ultimately, many of our decisions were made after Aris from Belli Momenti provided us with multiple options. "What do you think about this flower or that arch?" Aris from Belli Momenti would ask. Our responses to multiple choices would guide Aris to create a stunning visual representation of our ideals and his talents. As Aris put it, "you [Andrew and Sara] build the frame and I [Aris] help paint the picture." "One of the hallmarks of our wedding will forever be the circular floral altar and raised aisle. Both of us had one primary vision of our wedding and it included color conveyed through flowers. The coral color of the estate inspired our color palette, but the floral arrangements stole the show and led every other design decision. Table linens, accent pieces, the dessert table, place settings they all took their cues from the flowers. Our reception area featured a large hanging chandelier completely covered in pink garden roses, peonies, dahlias, and other colorful blossoms. Perfectly styled to the chandelier were two three-foot vases perched upon the head table and stuffed with long stemmed flowers full of fragrance. Even after sunset, the flowers continued to provide a visible lightness."

"We are incredibly thankful to have broken up our day into many moments we are able to easily recall and look back on. Our first look, private vows, ceremony, and reception all felt like individual events. We have heard stories of couples feeling like everything blended and it's difficult to recall their wedding day. A deliberate approach to each of these moments proved to be invaluable. Our private vows will forever be the most meaningful part of our wedding day. We wanted to set aside a distinct time for just us, take a few breaths, and be with each other. We wanted to say things to one another on our wedding day that mean something special to the other person, but don't need to be heard by anyone else. To verbalize the little idiosyncrasies of our love that bond us."

My advice to brides-to-be: "Build time into your schedule to engage and be present with each other. Thankfully, we had so many people reminding us there was nothing to rush through, "this is your wedding, not ours." It allowed us to cherish every moment. Our brief conversations with one another were filled with love and excitement rather than worry or a schedule. Wedding days are busy and the events can blur together. Check in with yourself, your spouse, and talk to one another. Find a wedding planner you can trust and let them do their job. A good wedding planner wants a beautiful wedding and a happy couple, just like you. If hired, trust their instinct, their resume, and ability to make decisions on your behalf. When hiring your planner treat it like a true job interview. Get to know the candidates, ask questions, and feel out your ability to communicate with one another. You'll find the right fit if you spend time searching for the right candidates."

"A wedding ceremony is an intimate moment, and it results in a commitment between two individuals. Commit to a ceremony for the two of you, vows that honor one another, and make decisions that respect each other before anyone else. The reception will have plenty of time for everyone else! Traveling with a group is HARD. Even with a relatively relaxed schedule some people may not be at every event. Some will want more time in and around the group and others will want to do their own thing or take a day off for down time. We found it particularly beneficial to note firm times and required events (shuttle pick-ups, rehearsal dinner, etc.) and for other activities share a loose plan and let people drop in and out. And a recommendation above all others: take that destination wedding leap of faith! Hire local vendors and artists to plan, cater, decorate, and shoot your event. Take advantage of working with local vendors with local knowledge. And certainly enjoy your stay! Our photographers, Sandy and Odysseas are wedding day heroes. Working with them was amazing, easy, and we feel so lucky to have them share their talent with us. That being said, Aris, our wedding planner from Belli Momenti, is a champion of everything else. Through late night and early morning phone and skype calls he guided us through the trials of not only planning a wedding from countries away but did so during a nationwide lockdown. Our day wouldn't have been possible or gone nearly as smoothly without the amazing team of vendors he tirelessly orchestrated to prepare for the celebration."

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