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Fairy Godmother: Top 5 Influences and Digs

Posted on the 20 September 2018 by Spectralnights

Fairy Godmother: Top 5 Influences and Digs

Ahead of the release of her ‘Spit It Out’ EP this Friday, we asked Alyssa Thomas (also known as Fairy Godmother) to talk through her Top 5 Influences and 5 songs she’s enjoying right now…


The Cure– ‘Just Like Heaven’

Truth be told, I didn’t even listen to The Cure until I was like 20, but after hearing this song I was just overtaken by the desire to put chorus effects on everything lmao. Their pop hits are a mood I live in.

Hole– ‘Boys On The Radio’

My writing is heavily influenced by Courtney Love. She always finds a way to write something so that it hits you straight in the fucking gut. She doesn’t cloak what she’s getting at. I love that. I also just love how bright this song feels; it’s happy sonically but heartbreaking lyrically, and that’s something I learned to do.

(Sandy) Alex G– ‘Station’

This song really shaped me from an artistic perspective. Like, how do I paint a picture with words? I would try to replicate some of the things Alex does in this song. I remember listening to “through the bushes into the store; liquor cabinet and out the back door,” and just being like, fuck, that’s such imagery gold. Also, I love crazy drums.

Frankie Cosmos – ‘Too Dark’

Simplicity at its finest, but also the deepest shit ever. I cried to this song ALL THE TIME. You don’t have to make something crazy intricate to extract emotion. Also, I admire Greta’s singing style so much.

Pavement – ‘Harness Your Hopes’

Okay if you want 3:26 of perfect AND slant rhymes  (which I love), look no further. Combine that with a killer slacker rock vibe and I’m perpetually attached.


Japanese Breakfast – ’12 Steps’

I’ve been listening to ’12 Steps’ by Japanese Breakfast every day since it came out last year. EVERY TIME it gives me chills.

Sidney Gish – ‘Sin Triangle’

I’m really into Sidney Gish right now also, and I love that song ‘Sin Triangle’. She’s a brilliant writer and I can’t wait to hear more from her.

Noname – ‘Diddy Bop’

In preparation for the new Noname album, I’ve been listening to Diddy Bop a crazy amount. That song is so damn catchy and original. So much talent.

Ariana Grande – ‘Sweetener’

I LOVE ‘Sweetener’ by Ariana Grande. I’ve been doing a full face of unnecessary makeup to this song. I love how 80’s it sounds and then it has this simple piano verse I can’t it’s so good.

Hop Along – ‘How Simple’

I’ve been having a pretty good time screaming ‘How Simple’ by Hop Along in my car on the way home from work. I will never be able to hit those notes she sings, but it’s such a feel good, positive song.

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