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Fairfax Mad at WMATA for Favoring Greenbelt

By Ceemac126 @PGCBlogging

Fairfax County Supervisor McKay is MAD AT WMATA!

Washington Business Journal published the story.  “Metro may have overstepped its role as an impartial regional transit agency by offering up a 78-acre site by the Greenbelt Metro station as a potential FBI headquarters, according to Fairfax County Supervisor Jeff McKay, a former Metro board member.”  McKay is fuming because he says,  They have no right doing so, and it makes me furious because the private funding partners are Maryland, D.C. and Virginia,” McKay said. “Once you’re vested as a property owner on one of the solicitations, there’s no way you can be impartial.”  McKay’s Lee District is home to a 57-acre federal warehouse site near the Franconia-Springfield Metro station that also has been suggested as a front-runner for the FBI and is endorsed by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. In a letter to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority board, McKay said he thinks it is unfair for Metro to essentially endorse the Greenbelt site.

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Now y’all know I’m no fan of the FBI coming to the county because of how poorly the Census Bureau has behaved in Suitland.  That federal neighbor has added nothing to the surrounding area.  It hasn’t ignited any business or real estate development or drawn any new residents.  So why should I believe that the FBI would do any better?  But where was all this righteous indignation when Prince George’s County was getting shafted by the federal government during the shifty shady bidding for the Health and Human Services Department site?  Prince George’s County was the better choice but they got SHAFTED?!!!  Now something might go the way of the county and McKay is hot under the collar.  Virginia has more than 20 federal research and development facilities, at least 3 other federally owned buildings; I just stopped digging after that.  So even though I don’t necessarily want the FBI as a neighbor, I can’t even side with anything in Virginia so go ‘head and be mad.

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