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Failing Forward

By Waxgirl333 @waxgirl333

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I worked so hard on an event that was held last week. Guess what – hardly anyone in the chosen demographic came to the event. I worked so hard, did postcard drops, advertised, reached out personally to influencers…and nobody came.  Just writing that still stings. I’m sure the client is questioning my judgement, hell I’M questioning my judgment. But as my friend Brian (who has been an advertising art director for the past 30 years) said to me when he was talking me off the ledge, marketing is all about learning. And then he said “As long as you think you’re failing in a forward direction, it’s working.”  

I’ve been thinking about that a lot over the last few days. I hate to fail.  But marketing often doesn’t hit the target right off the bat. So many of us just quit the strategy if the tactics don’t work. What I need to remember is that my strategy is probably solid. What’s happening is that I’m learning the right tools and tactics to execute that strategy. Obviously, an event like mine didn’t draw the people I wanted. So what WILL draw the people that I want? Time to sit back down and work on some different tactics. But I’m not giving up on this strategy.

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