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Facing Competition From .Kiwi, New Zeland ccTLD To Allow .NZ Registrations

Posted on the 11 October 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

The Council of InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) which operates the ccTLD for New Zealand approved today to allow domain names to be registered at the second level in the .nz domain name space.

By allowing registrations at the second level, people and organisations will be able to register instead of or (the current system, which allows registrations at the third level only).

InternetNZ President Dr Frank March says this move fits with InternetNZ’s principles and aligns the .nz domain name space with a majority of other top level domains that already allow registrations directly at the second level.

“A major principle for us is that the choice for registrants should be maintained and expanded, this move will provide a useful expansion” said Dr March.

Domain Name Commission Chair David Farrar agrees, saying “This change will enable greater choice for people, companies and organisations wanting to get online or expand their online presence.

“This decision will future-proof the .nz domain name space and help it stay relevant to New Zealanders.”

No changes are being made to existing second levels – all existing domain names will continue to be available, and people will still be able to register new domain names in the current second level categories like,

So basically New Zealand is going down the road that Nominet has been exploring offering second level .Uk domain registrations.

The big issue for domain holders will be who will get rights to the new .NZ domain and what is the value for domains domain names that have sold for big money in the past.

Tim Johnson, CEO of DOT KIWI was quick to comment on the change saying:


“DOT KIWI welcomes .nz to the new era of the internet!

We congratulate the Council of InternetNZ for deciding to approve a proposal to allow Kiwis to register their domain names directly to .nz.

Like .kiwi, we believe this is a far simpler and more compelling proposition than previous iterations like


When .nz becomes available Kiwis will really be making a choice between two domain names – .kiwi or .nz.

I know which one I prefer!


The main issue that InternetNZ will face when introducing registrations directly into .nz is wholesale confusion between and .nz and the array of other iterations, like or

Organizations and individuals who have invested significant time and money into their domain are not guaranteed they will be able to secure their .nz domain.

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