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By Latoya @latoyallawrence

I Am Not And Have Never Really Been Interested In Facebook. The Social Network Never Attracted My Attention.

I Recently Got Listed In A Particular Blog Directory That Required One To Have A Facebook Account In Order To Sign Up. I Already Have A Twitter Account Which Is Purely Dedicated To Sharing Links From My “My Voice Weblog” A Personal Blog That I Truly Love And Enjoy Speaking Nothing But The Truth On- About My Life, Life In General And My Unique Experiences.

If I Could Have Just Signed Up With My Twitter Account I Would Have But That Wasn’t An Option. So I Just Went And Opened Up A Facebook Account And In The Process Created A Facebook Fan Page Dedicated To My Very First Blog That Has Lasted For  Six Years Straight And Which Has Over One Hundred Seventy Posts Written By Me.

(I Don’t Even Care If Anybody Would Be Interested In The Fan Page Or Not-It Was Done Purely For My Expression Of Creativity And Awareness And If So Be It Certain Others Are Interested Then Any One Is Welcome).

As I Was Getting Familiar With Facebook And How It Works-Because I Learn Things Very Quickly (Almost Instantly)-I Began To Enjoy Setting Up My Page And Decided That The Site Is Not All So Bad, Considering For What I Am Using It For. I Am Extremely Creative And Can Make The Very Best Of Things As I Am Motivated With Much Ambition.

I Thoroughly Designed My Facebook Fan Page Down To My Liking And I Am Very Satisfied As To The Way That It Turned Out-It Is As If The Page Was Meant To Be And I Realize That Now. Another Extension Of Literary Construction To Keep Me Flexible In My Creative Mode.

Last Week Was A Very Strange Week For Me-As If Anything In My Life Is Really So Called Normal Anyway-Because I Went And Did Something That I Do Not Normally Do And That Was Join A Social Network.

It Was Done More Out Of Curiosity Than Anything Else And I Had Made The Right Move. It Was A Spiritual Network Dedicated To The Spiritual People Who Have Special Spiritual Gifts To Share And Connect With One Another.

Something For Some Reason Led Me To Post A Topic In One Of The Forums And I Got Legitimate Feedback Confirming What I Needed To Serve As A Reminder (As I Sometimes Forget) And As Also A Source Of Reflection.

Some Things Happen And Come About Not Always For Permanency But Just For A Run Through To Take With You Through Further Acknowledgement. And That Is Great Because That Is How Spirit Sometimes Works.

The Forum Connection/Conversation
My Forum Topic Titled: Spiritually Inclined/When It Comes To Sharing Intuitive Knowledge

I am a clairvoyant.And i am extremely sensitive. I pick up on the slightest things and from the farthest of places. Nothing is too big or too small. Whether i know a person personally or not i will receive information about them, whether i work with them, see them on television, a picture of them, talk to them over the telephone, online and so on. And the same goes for objects that i may see or touch, and energies that i see and feel. It is not something that i can just always turn off and on.

The thing is, i believe there is a time to share and a time to keep things to oneself. I blog, and i have the gift of automatic writing and am often inspired to share by one of my ways of connecting with the universe. There is a power that comes through from my writing that serves me a significant, beneficial purpose.

My psychic abilities are very intuitive. And through out the years of my life and as i look back, i see just how accurate i have been, even when i was sometimes uncertain. Some things are not so easy to discern right away. Messages can be complicated, depending on how they are addressed.

I have always been able to sense things about people and life that other people could not. And the things in particular would turn out to be true.

Now where i am getting at is when we receive true revelations and things that are controversial, and that we know may/or will greatly be opposed by the general society/public, causing us to be ridiculed and/or ignored would you keep quiet even though there could be someone else out there who may need the information for further enlightenment or confirmation?

I personally and usually do speak out about what i discover within hidden knowledge if i am divinely inspired to, i never worried about who would or would not agree because it wasn’t about that. It was about my spirit being led to do something at the given time that was beyond me. On the other hand, there are things that are better left unsaid just for our own evaluation and resource even though it does concern the world and what is going on inside and around it. (I am not the type looking or interested in saving the world or anyone for that matter. I am just an instrument by the universe sometimes being used in my writing as a messenger)

I have read and got clarification from spiritual people who weren’t too cautious and who shared. And it helped me out a lot. However, i am not talking about private conversations in the privacy of our spaces i am speaking about publicly.

Would it be hard to put yourself out there regarding (reliable) insights that are considered Taboo even if you couldn’t prove it by obvious means?
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It must be wonderful to have such strong senses, I myself have only ever really had trickles of information – mainly directed for my own personal use not for sharing with others so I have not faced your dilemma. Speaking from my own intuition and spirit now I would reply as follows:

Level of experience: If you are an experienced medium you will know the difference between messages from pure spirit as against messages from misguided/mischievous spirit who might just be giving you things because you are ‘spiritually open ‘ to receive it. I went through a phase in my life (when I was rather angry at someone) and I got loads of messages, however, I was not very good at discerning what I was receiving. Because of my personal state, I should not have even really been allowing spirit to communicate with me. This was a phase in my life where I was ‘taught’ how to discern between messages that needed to be shared and those that didn’t.

Protections: If you are going to be a medium and communicate for the good of everyone then you need to be disciplined and do the basics which include protection and inviting in your spiritual guides to bring you messages from the highest source. There are many mediums on here who can share their experiences much better than me. I don’t consider myself a medium – I get information to help me on my journey not for global sharing.

Sharing generally: My day job is one where I have to make judgements about what I ‘must’ share with families and what I should ideally share for maximum benefit. I have to recognise that sometimes the person I need to share with, is not ready to receive the message. You inidcated that some of the information you are getting could be considered ‘controversial’ – Do be cautious that your message is from pure spirit. However, I would also say that ‘controversy’ is often required to take people to a new level of understanding. In the UK we had a wonderful man who has, with the support of his family, put assisted death on the agenda by going through the courts process and ensuring that the media pick up the story. Sometimes societies stay too quiet about things that are important – we only have to read the world news to know that! At the end of the day you need to be guided from your heart.

Good luck in your journey of sharing

Light and Love
LaToya Lawrence
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First i just want to say to you that your feedback was excellent. Your words were honest and well thought out. That was very nice and considerate of you to take the time out to thoroughly analyze the situation and then share examples of your own personal experience. Thank You.

Yes, protection is very important. And it is first and foremost, and i do surround myself with it. I do have a shield around me and know how to ward off negativity. And i have my true spirit guides, loas and ancestors who have been with me since my birth. So i have always had a strong and secure foundation.

When you said that there are other mediums who can share their experiences better than you and that you don’t consider yourself a medium. I want to speak on that from my heart, mind and spirit. We are all unique and all have our own special abilities and different levels of experience. And i know that there are others whom i could surely benefit from in certain areas of discovery.

What i want you to know and realize is that you in your response gave me the perfect answers. My spirit led me to reach out to make a connection and here you come, the person who graciously reached back. I didn’t need you to be a particular medium, i just needed you and your insight.I read your message that specifically pointed out exactly what i was suppose to receive.

I encounter certain things and people for a reason, and at this time right now with something that is going on in my life you brought me a clarification. So even if you may not see how much you’ve done i want to let you know by commending you.


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Glad to have assisted. I too go to the posts that I ‘feel’ (i’m most strongly clairsentient) need my support.

I ‘feel’ you are ready for communicating through writing (possibly a book) and if that is the case you will have to judge what you believe needs to be shared as against what a publisher might want to ‘sell’ to a certain market.

Blessings on your journey x

LaToya Lawrence
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I’ve already published two books years ago when i was in my early twenties. I have been writing since i was ten years of age and had the opportunity back then to get published by a mainstream publisher.Writing is definitely what i am suppose to be doing. It is one of the things that i was born to do.

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