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Facebook Status of the Day

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
the following post on Facebook, by CityPass, the company running the Jerusalem Light Rail, is boring on its own. What makes it deserving of FSotD is really in the comments of the post, and I am posting the screen shot of the relevant comments after the post..
and the winning comment thread..
Facebook Status of the Day
Yedidya Hasson comments on the benign post asking why they give out crazy fines even to people with monthly passes if they forgot to swipe the card... to which CityPass responded that according to the law and directives of the Ministry of Transportation every passenger must swipe their rav kav pass, even if the passenger has a monthly pass, and anyone who does not swipe is liable to be fined. CityPass then adds to the comment saying if the laws of the country are not enough to justify it, perhaps you would be interested in knowing that the Rashba (one of the Rishonim) says in Bava Basra that the city residents are allowed to impose a fine on someone who transgresses a communal decree. Safe Travels!
CityPass quoting the Rashba to end a payment dispute!
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