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By Gldmeier @gldmeier
This is an interesting post, critical of the coalition negotiations and deals, because it is not the same old criticism of "haredi extortionists" or dati "sectarian interests" or the same old arguments. It is a unique perspective critical of how the Likud has positioned itself.
מה שמאכזב בהסכם בין הליכוד ל'יהדות התורה' הוא לגלות שוב מחדש שלליכוד, מפלגת שלטון עם 30 מנדטים, אין שום אג'נדה בנושאי דת...
Posted by Elyashiv Raichner on Thursday, April 30, 2015

what is disappointing in the deal between the Likud and UTJ is to expose once again that the Likud, the ruling party with 30 mandates, has no agenda regarding Shul and State.
They do not care to come to an important decision in the realm of conversion, and then go back on it moments later.
They don't really care about whether the judges on the rabbinical courts will have a haredi outlook or a dati outlook, and don't care if there are women sitting on the committee for appointing those judges.
They do not care if marriage registration in Israel will be user-friendly and approachable or not.
They do not care how the kashrut apparatus operates, and whether or not the city rabbis will be zionists or not.
They simply do not care.
Suddenly all their dati MKs of the Likud have disappeared. All those MKs who during the elections went working to obtain the votes of the knitted kipa community, and sold them stories of the Likud being the true home of the dati leumi public, even in issues of Shul and State.
Has anybody heard from Tzippi Hotoveli? Zeev Elkin? Yuli Edelstein? Jacky Levi? Avraham Negosa? Suddenly their kippa, berret and wigs have disappeared.
Each time anew it becomes clear that neither they nor their traditional and secular friends in the party have any opinion on the issues of Shul and State.
The 30 mandates they were given, yet they still act like the contractors of others.
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