Facebook Preventive Health Tool Will Remind You When Your Next Vaccine Comes

Posted on the 30 October 2019 by Anees @ZulfiqarAAnees

Facebook announced the integration of a new preventive health tool that aims to connect its users with resources that allow them to keep a better control of their health. Through a publication on its official blog, the social network said it would notify users when they get the flu vaccine or when it’s time to measure blood cholesterol.

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Under the premise that billions of people do not take their preventive health exams, Facebook has partnered with health organizations to connect people with the necessary resources to carry out their periodic blood pressure checks, cholesterol, mammograms, or the human papillomavirus (HPV) test.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (known as CDC ), if every person in the United States receives preventive health services, more than 100,000 lives could be saved per year.

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Facebook’s Preventive Health tool focuses on the main causes of death in the country, which are cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and influenza. The American Cancer Society, the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association as well as the CDC, are the institutions responsible for providing the services for the new social network tool to work.

“One of the main reasons why people don’t have a cancer screening test is because they don’t realize the risk. We hope this program helps raise awareness about the recommendations of organizations that are experts in the field,” Richard wrote. Wender, director of Cancer Control at the American Cancer Society.

Preventive health exams are recommended based on the age and gender of the users, while health centers are recommended based on the user’s location. Facebook offers free options for people with medical insurance, as well as low-cost options for those without medical coverage.

The Preventive Health tool is available within the Facebook app in the United States, and according to the social network, it is also expected to be available in other countries, although it did not specify when.

Regarding privacy and security, the social network establishes that the personal data of users “will not be published or shared with others.” Likewise, Facebook indicated through another blog post that the data collected is limited and necessary to make the app work and improve it over time.

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