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Facebook Page Text Posts Increases Engagement and Reach

By Lisa @Lisapatb

Facebook Page Text Posts

Facebook page text posts can really increase your engagement and reach on your Facebook page.  Have you tried different styles of posts on your Facebook pages? Text posts seem to outrank images and link style posts from 2 pages I have been experimenting with. I also read over on Pagemodo that they found the same thing with their Facebook page posts. Let’s take a look!

Facebook Page Text Posts

Different Types of Facebook Posts

  • Text Only – Asking a question, sharing a quote, etc.
  • Photos/Image – Showing off a quote via an image, sharing a photo or funny image.
  • Links – Sharing information via a link to a website or blog.
  • Video – Sharing video’s on Facebook.

Why Facebook Page Text Posts Work Well and Pictures Are Not Worth A Thousand Words

  • Text posts tend to ask questions and engage your readers.
  • They are easy to read as long as they are not lengthy.
  • They are coming directly from you, more personal than sharing an image or link.

My Facebook Page Posts Results from 2 Pages

Fancy Scrubs Facebook Page Posts
Inspire to Thrive Facebook Posts

What Stands Out For You On These 2 Facebook Pages?

If you look quickly you will see the green highlighted areas on the left hand side are text posts. And you can see the numbers are much bigger for reach.

You can reach more Facebook fans via Facebook page text posts!

Facebook Fans

If you look further at the charts above you can see that reach does not always mean engagement. Especially on the top image for Fancy Scrubs Facebook page posts.  You may reach more fans but not all your fans engage with your Facebook page text style posts. Those fans that talked about posts seemed to prefer the text style posts but not all. Some loved the funny style quotes to share. And when your fans share your posts you make get more Facebook likes. 

What is Virality on Facebook Pages?

According to Facebook itself it is defined as “Virality is the number of people who have created a story from your post as a percentage of the number of people who have seen it.”  If you look again at the charts above Facebook page text posts do not mean higher virality.

What Should You Do For Your Facebook Page Posts to Get Noticed?

  • Use a variety of style posts, mix it up with text, photo/images, links and video.
  • Share information important to your fans.
  • Comment on other Facebook pages.
  • Change up your Facebook page covers – Seasonally, monthly, or weekly.
  • Read and analyze your Facebook insights. They have the information for you to get better at posting on your page.
  • Try to boost a post, spend $5-$20 and the post will be seen by more fans and friends of fans.
  • Try, try again!

Did you know according to Daniel Zeevi, with the latest Facebook Page algorithm changes  ”it’s almost 30 times easier to get into Harvard than to be published in the News Feed.” (you will love his post rant on Facebook – click the link with his name at beginning of paragraph).

So if you think your posts are not being seen on Facebook anymore you are not alone. Facebook like Google need to make money. Their stock prices need to continue to grow. Isn’t that what business is all about? We may not like it but social networks websites are a business. And a thriving business at that.

How are you doing with your Facebook page posts?  

Have you tried the different style posts?

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